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105 Reviews
沈福成In fact, the next day in Aichi Prefecture, Ise Shrine ⛩️ next door in Mie Prefecture is the most solemn and most advanced temple I have ever been to. The building inside has no gorgeous color and luster, but it is a woodwork with green hues that is integrated with nature. It was like a godly place to live. It was like going for a walk. The palace also kept a god horse, she received the emperor. I also tried Ise lobster ramen. The manager said that after eating noodles, adding white rice would be delicious. Sure enough, lobster soaked rice is more delicious than noodles. I knew not to have noodles, and I asked for rice directly 🍚😅
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Other Places of Worship
fyqj1234The couple's Iwakaku is a famous natural attraction in Japan, located in the sea of Ise Shima, and the reputation is no less than the nearby shrine. Not to look at the two stones in the sea, but it is a bit characteristic, the myth of the core of ISE, plus this is just a deep beach out of the gorge, the water will flow here will be very rough, when the shore will be a shock wave smacking the shore. This way, two stones can stand in the sea, there is a feeling of help each other in the wind and waves, so it will be called the couple's rock. For this reason, the couple's rocks are built in the place of a two-faced Xingyu shrine, the big stone also has a small bird house, quite interesting.
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TracyTOne of the stops in this year’s tour in Japan included Ise Bay. To be honest, I’ve never heard of this place before. We took a cruise to go to one of the attractions. The sea view is very beautiful and the air is quite fresh. The main reason is here. There are few tourists who are not noisy and only the sound of the sea breeze can enjoy the sea view in peace
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芝士妹There is a street called "TOEFL Yokocho" in front of the Ise Jingu Inner Palace. It reproduces the streetscape of the Edo period. It has a sense of time and space when you are in it. Even the family mart is made into this kind of antique shop. Don’t pay attention. I really can't see it. The street is not long, but there are small shops selling specialty goods and food on both sides. If you visit each one, it is estimated that you can go shopping for half a day. We even settle for lunch here. Soy milk ice cream and red buns are famous snacks that should not be missed. Even if it is a platoon, you must try it!
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Ise jinguIse,Japan

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Ise BayIse,Japan

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Ito Shoha MuseumIse,Japan

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Komyoji TempleIse,Japan

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Iseshunkei Design FactoryIse,Japan

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Ise Washi MuseumIse,Japan

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Billions of people today organize their lives around religious teachings and consider a variety of places around the world sacred. We've put together this list of the world's most important holy places. Though necessarily incomplete, these locations are intangible cultural treasures. These are nine of the most important religious sites on Earth.
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