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南美当地向导YolandaReceive tourists from Cancun and head to Isla Mujeres! It takes about 20 minutes to board the island by boat, rent a golf cart to tour around the island, white sand beaches and the azure Caribbean Sea, colorful small houses everywhere, you can also go diving and visit the famous underwater museum! Any shot is the scenery on the postcard! You can also charter a yacht for a luxurious experience! For more travel needs in Mexico, Central and South America, please contact me
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南美当地向导YolandaReceiving tourists to the Cancun Underwater Museum, first set off by boat. In 2009, the Cancun Underwater Art Museum (MUSA-Museo Subacuático de Arte), a large underwater contemporary art museum was officially opened. The Art Museum is only a 10-minute boat ride from Cancun. In this 15-meter deep and two-kilometer underwater art museum, you can easily find a variety of corals and tropical fish. The Museum of Art was created in 2009 by British sculptors Jason Taylor, Karen Salinas, Roberto Diaz and other Mexican sculptors. They placed as many as 500 sculptures on the west side of Quintana Roo National Park, making this underwater art museum considered the largest underwater art museum in the world. For more fun in Mexico, please consult me
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Arale_ZhangCancun’s hotel zone has more private beaches. Most people who travel here choose to stay in five-star hotels here. Because we don't live in a hotel, we can only look for public beaches. Dolphin Beach is far away, about 20 minutes. There are only a few street parking spaces at the door. But the beach is great, unobstructed, and there are many free thatch umbrellas. There are not many people, so I just found one and sat down. Dolphin Beach has two entrances and parking lots. Choose the one farther away without the Cancun logo. It is easier to find a parking space. Here is what I am looking forward to, the level of the sea is still so rich! It's not in vain that I pursue it for thousands of miles. There are really not many people on the public beach, maybe even less than the private beach of the hotel, you need to judge for yourself whether you need to stay in an expensive five-star hotel.
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本杰明(4)    I have been thinking about how to smooth the relationship between the Caribbean Sea and Isla Mujeres. According to logic, the Caribbean Sea is the mother, and Isla Mujeres is one of her many children; but I also feel that the Caribbean Sea is a husband, a woman who is sometimes warm and sometimes violent. Island is a docile and beautiful woman who waits silently. For example, the Spaniards came and went, although the legendary captain resolutely stayed for the beautiful and icy goddess on the island, but died depressed. Our countless tourists just walked, explored or enjoyed, and left without even leaving a trace of what they once loved; and Isla Mujeres stands at the origin like a goddess, no matter the storm, no matter the sun rises or sunset, time It flows to the end; only the arms of the tide and the hands of the waves of the sea surround and comfort her, from beginning to end.   Actually, the goddess opened her arms, you come and you go, and she always greets you quietly.   If the sky is sentimental, the sky is also old, and the sentimental side is the harbor. I remember a little girl who passed by at the end of the last century, smiling and saying in a vicissitudes of life: I am like a ship sailing across the ocean, I am already tired at this moment, how I want to find a harbor of my own...   I am because of the “harbour” "The word was touched by the word, but almost fell into a wave of robbery and collapsed.   But the imaginary harbor finally stays hidden in my heart. Whenever I see a truly beautiful harbor under the sunset, it floats up, boiling with the last touch of red. Earlier, I wrote a poem "Together" in my university graduation guestbook:    Floating in the sea for many years, you and I are together, then I go to the other shore to meet you and you have become my collection of romantic rainy morning strolls. Blue bird said the same. Instead of harmony and difference and you, can you remember the common language of several networks left on the bottom of the sea? A hundred years later, I just can’t help but sigh you. Oh, my son, when will you be resurrected and when will you ignite the desire? , Shining my heart with ebb and tide
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M25***40When crossing Tulum Street, the speed is fast and careful, traffic is chaotic and the driver ignores the designated sidewalks completely. There are many shops and convenience stores, local restaurants, large supermarkets, banks and other services. Wear comfortable shoes and enjoy walking and sightseeing.
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Alejandro APlaya Tortugas beach is just across the street from Casa Tortugas boutique hotel. Public beach, Mexican aircrafts, restaurants for locals, convenient store OXXO open 24/7, and the ferry to go to "Isla Mujeres"