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东夷西羌的行游生活Jianshui Train Station, also known as Lin'an Railway Station, is part of the narrow-track railway in Yunnan, which was built 100 years ago. There is still a train arriving and departing every day, but only for sightseeing and tourism, and has lost the actual transportation function. The French designed the station and locomotive warehouses that remain intact, and the railways have narrow tracks. It is not easy to build such a railroad in the impoverished south of Hunan 100 years ago. Although the new station has been built, the old station can still be preserved intact, can not be said to be a historical lucky.
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Historical Architecture
Memorial Temple
克梨耶The town of Jianshui is mainly for eating local special barbecue, but the beautiful scenery must not be missed. Zhu's garden is really a must to punch in. It is in the ancient town. Please ask a guide to explain the development history of Zhu's great house and stroll through it to feel the glory of the Zhu family in those years. Neri antique, people lingering, not willing to leave.
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Historical Architecture
Memorial Temple
东夷西羌的行游生活The kenshui confucian temple was built in Yuan Dynasty, imitating the Qufu Confucian Temple, and the existing scale, construction level and preservation degree are second only to the Qufu Confucian Temple and the Beijing Confucian Temple. "The four characters of "Southern Hunan Lu" are written on the archway of the Confucian Temple Gate. Every viewer is greatly respectful. A small town of Bianhu, nearly 3,000 kilometers from Beijing and Qufu, built a Confucian Temple of such a size and became a center of Confucianism in the border area in the same year. We must lament the spread of Confucian culture and the far-reaching influence. There is another lake, called Dianchi Lake, commonly known as "learning sea", sunny days of the peaks reflected into the pool, and the blue sky white clouds against the green trees, silent, beautiful.
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Ancient Settlement
E29***70An authentic ancient town which does not feel commercialised. A perfect place to stop and stay the night when you are on your way to the rice terraces. We enjoyed an evening of strolling through the quiet streets before enjoying their speciality- roasted tofu.
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Geological Sites
chelseaboetckerThis is well worth the visit and exceeded our expectations. The cave is massive! It's incredible! Getting there was a little tricky as a foreigner who does not speak much Chinese but if you want to get there cheaply ask someone at your hotel/hostel to book you a taxi (I recommend downloading Didi) to the bus station in Jianshui. Then at the bus station show them Swallow Cave off of Trip.com since it is written in Chinese under the title. Once you get your ticket you get on the bus and will have to wait a bit for it to get full. Once you leave it's only about 30 minutes there, and I would suggest showing the bus driver where you are going and he will stop and point for you when he stops at the caves. I recommend going earlier in the afternoon to guarantee grabbing a bus back. We didn't know when a bus would come and asked a family if they knew (using our translator app) and they didn't know about the buses so they ended up just driving us right back to our hotel! If you take the bus it is 11rmb one way while a private taxi is $130rmb one way. The ticket into the caves is 55rmb for an adult and 28rmb for a child.
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Ancient Villages
柯基公爵Well preserved, very characteristic traditional Han nationality dwellings in southern Hunan, the infrastructure and services of the scenic spot are done very well, the guide is enthusiastic and professional, the rare thing is that the residents in the scenic spot still maintain a natural living condition, it is worth visiting the attractions.

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Swallow Cave in JianshuiHonghe,China

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Jianshui Travel Tips

About Jianshui

Jianshui is situated in the south of Yunnan province, on the northern banks of the Red River. The area has a long history that dates back thousands of years — a number of Paleolithic remains have been unearthed here. Jianshui is surrounded by picturesque mountains and is rich in natural resources. It is also home to several ethnic minorities including the Hani, Yi and Miao people, all of whom have their own unique traditions and customs.

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Oct 27, 2021 Jianshui Weather: Cloudy, Northeasterly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 67%, Sunrise/Sunset: 07:11/18:34
Jianshui Travel: Suitable, Umbrella: Advised, UV Strength: Very Low

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Here are the best places to visit in Jianshui, including: Jianshui Excursion Train,Zhu Family Garden,Jianshui Confucius Temple
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