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Things To Do in Jiashan

11,768 Reviews
Ancient Settlement
E40***53The bus from Shanghai South Bus Station took about an hour and it takes you right to the scenic area. Hotels can get you a discount on the entrance ticket price. Easy to get lost wandering around the narrow walkways. So many shops and tons of food to choose from. Good for a day trip from Shanghai or a quick weekend getaway.
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陆小凤In fact, the Chocolate Town of Gophisson is located in the sweet town of Jiashan Dayun. There are various flower-planting fields, red, yellow, blue, green, blue and purple, driving all the way on the country road, beautiful ~ Now arrange a trip, will see if there is any way to take children on the return journey. Where to make up for the small regret of the holiday passing ~ The chocolate town is not small. After the lobby entrance, there is a small train station, one hour later, and a round, attach a timetable for reference ~ After crossing the colorful garden composed of the flower sea and the windmill, Arrive at the Chocolate City Hall, the chocolate kitchen on the left hand side, you can buy a package ticket containing making chocolate in advance online, remember, after making it, you need to leave a full 45 minutes. In order to shape the chocolate work ~ one person's sights, determine his vision; A person's vision determines his actions. I am willing to abandon some traditional education and give children some free feelings ~ fun and fun, overall superb,
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Hot Springs Resort
甜甜圈好甜Because of the epidemic, I can't go to the outside to travel, see the evaluation came here, go to a good place that will not regret, tulip 🌷 has been opened, there is a light show, soaking in hot springs is too comfortable, all kinds of pools can't call a name, there are a lot of people coming today, waiter Li Yingpeng is warm and thoughtful service, Such a good service attitude. Was not a bad person in the scenic area!
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Historical Architecture
睡恣@M丶Ancient architecture culture, with "bridge more, more, more porch sheds" and the sound of domestic and foreign, a root of wooden stakes, supporting the narrow rain-proof corridor, along the riverside, trance. "Spring and Autumn water, Tang and Song town, Ming and Qing buildings, modern people" is the most complete interpretation of this millennium ancient town.
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_We***65The weather is good, come here with friends, take pictures is still good, the service staff are very simple, good, now the tulip is quite beautiful, look forward to the cherry blossoms, is still a place worth visiting!
Nearby City
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Ancient Settlement
Historical Architecture
_AP***13A beautiful, enjoyable, and relaxing place to spend several days. Highly recommend that you try to stay inside of the city itself – that is, inside of the old town. that way you can enjoy the beautiful old town even outside of typical tourist hours and it will be much less crowded and much more enjoyable. make sure you go see the show - I think it was called ‘seasons of Zhouzhuang’. it was a lot of fun and did a good job integrating locals into the performance.