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Things To Do in Jiaxiang

27 Reviews
M11***97Not bad, good trip, enjoy the leisure and fragrance of nature, it really is green water and green mountains. The people are simple and generous, and are a good choice for Spring Festival travel. There are many scenic spots in the surrounding area, and there are multiple enjoyments in one trip!
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Memorial Temple
szcsAfter booking online the next day, I rushed over on the morning of September 29 and refused to let me in, saying that there was an important event, and asking me to go there again in the afternoon was totally unreasonable! The scenic spot itself is relatively remote, and the itinerary is arranged for foreign tourists, and it is not easy to change, how can it be treated like this!
3 Reviews
Memorial Temple
szcsThe historical remains from the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty, the famous Han Que and Han fossil statues, although the scenic spots are not big, but the value of the cultural relics is not to say, it is that the ticket review and exchange time for the ticket booked on Ctrip is too long.
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City Park
M24***59The mountain is not high and the area is not small. The facilities are good, each mountain has pavilions, artificial lakes, schools, hospitals and parks at the foot of the mountain, which is very suitable for walking and fitness. It is recommended to climb the first hill from the west and gradually climb over each hill to the east.
20 Reviews
绝世大可爱Many people are in the festival of the New Year, the temple every year has lanterns, passing lanterns, putting a hole light, striking clocks, can also eat porridge rice, Laba festival will also be laid praba, very good!
Nearby City
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武汉老龙Baoxiang Temple is located in the northwest foot of Wenshang County, Jining City, which was built in the Northern Wei Dynasty and is called the "First Spot of the Northern Dynasty, First Field of the East". The palace covers an area of 80 square meters, and the deep part of the palace is dedicated to more than 100 Buddhist sacred objects such as Buddha's teeth and Shari. It was cast in the Tang Taihe era (AD 827 ─ 835). In 1008, the Song Zhenshu was sealed by Taishan. When he returned to the capital through Qufu, he lived in the temple. In 1938, the Japanese invaders bombarded the temple and bleached Huang'an Street. The ancient temple was levelled in the thousand years. The temple wheel was robbed. In 1947, the tower was hit by a shell. In 1958, the Northern Wei Dynasty's "Taihe 3rd year (AD 479)" clocks made of Wanjin's fine iron were smashed and made of steel. In the early period of the Cultural Revolution, the tower base fence was stolen and destroyed; in the early 1970s, the bare towers were cleaned and protected with a cement skirt. On March 15, 1994, when the towers were repaired and the cement skirts were removed, Accidentally found the base of the entrance of the Di Palace, in the Pagoda Palace found gold, silver, Buddha teeth, Shari, worship type to hold true body bodhisattva and other 141 Buddhist holy objects. From 1995, the temple began to resume construction, the first phase of the construction completed in 1998, has been completed, Zhongdu Museum (Buddhist Shengwu Exhibition Hall), Stele Gallery, Digong, Monastery, relief archway. 2011, Baoxiang Temple scenic area was rated as the national AAAA class tourist attraction. In May 2013, the Prince Lingzong Tower of Baoxiang Temple was announced by the State Council as the seventh batch of national key cultural relics protection units national level cultural relics protection units.