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Things To Do in Jiayin

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小满哥aMaolangou National Forest Park, about 70 kilometers away from Jiayin County, the park is a collection of mountains, water show, forest Mao, lake, waterfall beauty, is a tourist resort, vacation, scientific research, rock climbing. Scenic area has Maolan waterfall, Black Dragon Pond, Fairy Pond, Prince Peak, Xiong Toufeng, Pigeon Peak, Stone Man, Shipo, Zhentan Stone, Danfeng Spring. Maolangou has the spectacular natural landscape of Yichun strange stone forest group, is known as the "Jiuzhaigou" in Heilongjiang.
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gz当地向导伊妹儿Jiayin County is known as the hometown of dinosaur fossils in China. The Jiayin Dinosaur National Geological Park has a nice view and a lot of fun. I have learned a lot about dinosaurs. It is cost-effective and a good choice.
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M25***56It is the Heilongjiang bifurcation. The water is especially shallow. You can have a table picnic in the middle of the water. The lake has just wiped its feet. It is clear and there are small fish swimming. It is opposite to Russia. It is a border lake.
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素素77Maolan Waterfall is the main attraction inside Maolangou National Forest Park. I really like this beautiful national park. There are vibrant, verdant greens everywhere. Although the waterfall is small, the eyes and mood of the people are soothed.
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天鹅湖的青蛙People used to think that the skin of a dinosaur was the same as that of a rhino, but in 2010, it was discovered that it had pigment particles in dinosaur fossils, just like birds. People speculate that dinosaurs may have colored appearances like birds
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素素77There are many scenic spots in Maolangou National Forest Park. Fairy Pool is one of them. This national park is very beautiful, with verdant green, all the scenic spots in it are refreshing, and the mood can be extremely relaxed.