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Things To Do in Jilin

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4,062 Reviews
_FB***19worth the trip to make if you are interested in the history of China. Puyi’s life after leaving the forbidden city.
4,667 Reviews
Film Studio
_We***76its really a nice place to be. changchun is a very good city with alot of attraction places. The Movie Wonderland is an amazing place to have Fun.
3,423 Reviews
E34***96JingYue Pond/Lake is the perfect park and forest area for a day out in nature. Whether it's for a picnic, golf, yacht rides or just a walk in the wilderness. The beauty of JingYue will be appreciated by all.
2,425 Reviews
_FB***19If you a one of the lucky few, you will get to travel up and view this crater. Take a heartdropping ride up this magnificent mountain and see it for yourself
2,395 Reviews
梦露夫人Look at the Changbai Mountain Tianchi divided into three slopes, north slope, west slope, south slope. The location of different angles different shapes, today sent four pictures, the first two are the south slope to see the Tianchi, in a bowl, the second two are the west slope to see the Tianchi, but it is oval, which is really magical. Next time, the north slope. The view is amazing. The taste is high. The price is very high.
3,281 Reviews
Hot Springs Resort
M29***18Mourning has long come to the Guoxin Nanshan Hot Spring Hotel, is so beautiful scenery deeply attracted. First of all, the eyes are the magnificent hot spring lobby, the front desk beauty are full of warm smiles, affinity. After entering the female guests, there is a caring waiter to help find the cabinet and tell the correct order of the bath. After entering the hot spring area, every waiter, Miss Sister, greeted us warmly and courteously, and friends are especially happy to play. Special thanks to Miss Dong Mier of the Central Water Bar, who looks sweet and has a cheerful personality. Especially the food we make is the most delicious. Afraid of sticky corn to get on the swimsuit, sweet to send us disposable gloves, see our hot sweaty specially put my buy drinks in the refrigerator cooled for us to send. This meticulous service really makes me feel uncomfortable, I feel that I have not felt this treatment at home. Thank you very much for making me feel at home. Turned around to the pool, the blue water is really clear bottom, the pool swimming guests rose waves, let me can not help but want to go in. But the technology is not very slow down. The lifeguard on the pool, Chailiyan, seemed to see my unease, offered to ask me what I needed to help, and I told him my concerns. Chai Liyan staff said "I am here, you can rest assured" I was very touched to hear this sentence. Your company can have such excellent staff, worthy of being the best in Changchun Hotel. Later I went down to play for a while, during the process of Chailiyan staff constantly taught me swimming posture, leg method and precautions to avoid splash. Feeling in swimming with the guidance of Chai teacher and some refined... Unconsciously, it is dark. . I really don't want to go, but think of such excellent staff as Dong Mier and Chailiyan for a hard day, thinking before and after can't delay the work time. Although I feel very unwelcome on a day trip, I am leaving for a better meeting. Next time, I will come to feel the meticulous and sincere service spirit of Guoxin Nanshan Hot Spring Hotel with my family and friends. Finally, I thank Miss Dongmir and Teacher Chailiyan for their hard work and wish you a happy job. There may be many other excellent staff like you that I have not touched, and tell you "You have worked hard!" We will see you next time ~~~~

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Jilin University MuseumChangchun,China

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Changbaishan Natural MuseumNorth Slope Of Changbai Mountain,China

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Zhongtai Ocean WorldChangchun,China

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Peony GardenChangchun,China

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Shangyang Lake Scenic AreaChangchun,China

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Shiji SquareJilin,China

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Here are the best places to visit in Jilin, including: Changchun Movie Wonderland,Museum of the Imperial Palace of Manchukuo,Changbai Mountain Scenic Area
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