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Ancient Settlement
还记得你上次It has been many years in Jinchang, but I never knew there was an ancient city. After the introduction of friends, I started from Jinchang City to here. It was asphalt road all the way. It took about 30 minutes to drive. [Scenic] This is a place where temples gather, there are many ancient Romans. The area is very large, there are many lakes. [Cost-effective] also can see the descendants of ancient Romans, which is very rare in Gansu. It has a rare temple building and of course a vegetarian restaurant that is very well-done and delicious.
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西单大叔Jinchang is located in the north of Hexi Corridor, the two Guan-4 County defense system, the history of the yue clan and the hyungnu occupied, the hyungnu has long since looked at Europe, the mongolian iron horse has also been assimilated by the central plains civilization, for thousands of years the soldiers drunk lying in the sand field in the northwest desert has grown purple gold flower sea, the world unified, The world is not far from the era! Although it is a free scenic spot, but the scale and content are absolutely impeccable, shocking, very suitable for photography, adequate plant conservation, full construction of various landscapes, operation and management in place, not a waste of this trip!
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City Park
WillSumI feel that this place is more suitable for walking. The whole place on the west side of the city is behind the higher mountains. On the south side, there are factories to retain traces of industry. The city on the east side is also a dusty residential area. There are not many people, so the park feels more like their back garden. People walking on gravel roads are basically invisible. The feeling of potholes may look good when looking at the stars
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286***60As an important part of the Zijin Homeland Grand Scenic Area, Jinchang Flower Cultural Expo Center has been deeply loved by citizens and tourists since its trial operation on January 1st. As of January 10th, it has received more than 5,000 tourists. The exhibition hall is in Jinchuan Many interactive exhibitions such as oil painting exhibition, tea art, flower arrangement, pottery art, coffee exhibition, etc. have been well received by the majority of tourists.
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City Park
286***60Jinchang East Lake Scenic Area, also known as "Golden Water Lake" and "Golden Water Lake Landscape Belt", is located in the east of Jinchang City, Gansu Province, Gobi City. It covers an area of about 236 hectares and is the largest artificial reclaimed water storage landscape belt in the northwest. The reservoir of the scenic spot consists of five lakes of different areas, with a total water area of about 60 hectares and a total water storage capacity of about 2.3 million cubic meters. The project is to solve the problem of storage and utilization of reclaimed water after the completion of the urban sewage treatment plant. Relying on its reservoir, it is a city that integrates leisure, sightseeing, and ecological protection, and has three functions of storage, regulation and landscape. Landscape engineering.
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City Park
mike72723Longquan Park is the same old park as Jinchuan Park. My aunt lives in Jinchang. When I was a child, I must go to Jinchang to play in these parks. I am full of childhood memories when I go to see it now!

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Jinchuan National Mine ParkJinchang,China

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Baozitou Forest ParkJinchang,China

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Hexibao MosqueJinchang,China

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Jinchangshi Botanical GardenJinchang,China

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Jinchang Circular Economy Exhibition HallJinchang,China

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Here are the best places to visit in Jinchang, including: Ancient City,Jinchang Flower Culture Museum,Bauhinia Square
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