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Things To Do in Jingmen

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宝宝钟5240Driving from Jingshan City, about 30 kilometers, about 40 minutes, the road is well repaired, along the road is a mountain, but not Panshan Road, but winding in the mountains, the scenery is very good, passing 3-4 resorts, and revolutionary sites. The whole scenic area, about 5 hours, because there are children, children especially like to play with water, the food inside is a bit expensive, boiling water is 2 yuan, understandably, after all, there are children in the scenic area 😂 It is recommended that there be water guns in advance, there are sales outside the scenic area, the price is not expensive.
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冰鉴88good morning baby and then you should go for it but it's ok baby and the kids in my life
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Historical Architecture
JJING1106☑️Clearly mausoleum The largest single-body imperial mausoleum in the Ming Dynasty Also a member of the United Nations 🇺🇳 World Heritage Catalogue The historical treasures of the mountains and waters are impressive 🎫 Ticket: 65 yuan ❗️ You can buy a discount in advance.
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李寻你开心This year, I came to appreciate the nightingale to make up for the regret. I took a taxi from the hotel and saw the announcement when I drove to the nearby. 3/2-3/27Shantou Tanchongshanmen-Anshanmen section road construction closed the road, looking at the other sections of the navigation are all red traffic jams, so I can only get off and walk, 1.8 kilometers is not far. Booked tickets in advance on a travel network, the special price is 15 yuan cheaper than the market, directly brush the ID card to enter the park, also brush the ID card when taking a boat. Shantouzhuan Scenic Area is very messy, private cars and tour buses can be driven in, plus the bus and sightseeing car inside the scenic spot, which is more messy. The driver honks and honks very noisy. The car opens and drives, which affects the tourists' walking. There are also safety hazards. I actually saw several taxis driving in the scenic spot...The cherry blossoms are so beautiful that it is unspeakable. When the scenic spot enters the door, there are large cherry blossoms in the eye, and all the way from the entrance to the cherry blossom valley is also cherry blossoms. Of course, the cherry blossom valley is the focus, too beautiful, every angle is different, casual shot is a large film. You can go to the highest floor to take a panoramic view, overlooking the whole cherry blossom valley also has a flavor, too many tourists, remember to pay attention to safety. When you are not 5 o'clock, take the cruise ship island, because you have been to many times before, so this time I did not stay on the island for a long time, took a few photos of the sunset, and returned. There are still some seagulls in this season, but not many. You can also enjoy the sunset on the boat on the return trip, it is beautiful. I wanted to have dinner at Hengyun Hotel next to the pier, but...Business is too good? Waiting for the line to see how many end is there.
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社会颜色Huaihe River is located in the junction of three cities of Jingmen, Yichang and Yangyang in Hubei Province, and is the center of the battlefield of the ancient Three Kingdoms. The Huaihe Reservoir is a reservoir group built by the eastern branch ── of Juhuai River and its tributaries on the north bank of the middle reaches of the Yangtze River, which is integrated in series through three Mingcao sections. The Huaihe Reservoir, located in the national water conservancy scenic area in the Huaihe River, has a beautiful scenery, pleasant climate, magnificent engineering and wide water area.
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Geological Sites
M42***66If you drive there by car, parking is very convenient. The cave is spectacular and worth a visit. There is nothing outside, so you have to prepare food before going. There is no signal from the mobile phone in the cave. It is estimated that you need one from the entrance to the exit. Half an hour?