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Things To Do in Jinping

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Ancient Settlement
yylatpkuLongli Ancient City is located between Jinping County and Liping County in the southeast of Guizhou. The drive distance from the two county towns is within half an hour. The transportation is very convenient. If you take public transportation, you can take the bus from Guiguang High Speed Railway Station from Jianghigh Speed Railway Station or Liping Airport. Longli Ancient City has been upgraded and the road conditions are very good. The parking lot is also abundant and very suitable for tourists traveling by car. Longli ancient city is one of the oldest ancient cities in Guizhou. It is called Guizhou four ancient cities along with Guiyang Qingyan ancient city, Qiandongnan town's ancient city and Huangping old state ancient city. It can be found that, except Qingyan ancient city, the other three ancient city is located in the southeast of Guizhou, and the three ancient city are in the Qingshui River Valley, which also accords with the historical trend, after all, Qingshui River is the ancient Guizhou connecting Hunan and even the central plains important passageway, the importance even surpasses Wujiang. Longli ancient city, just a few dozen miles from Hunan, is the early Ming Zhu Yuanzhang in order to settle the southwest, sent the great army stationed in Guizhou product, in fact, Guizhou has many county town is born from the early Ming army. Longli ancient city has more than 600 years of history, there are a lot of ancient monuments to enjoy, ancient city walls, four ancient city gates, ancient streets and alleys are worth playing places. The three groups of architecture, which combine religious, political and cultural characteristics, are very beautiful and worth seeing. There is a theater square in front of Tuen Mun Gate and there is a museum of ancient culture next to it. It is worth mentioning that the commercialization of Longli ancient city is very low, almost nothing commercialized, like the original original ancient city tourists, recommend a tour.
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Ancient Villages
李建萍In the evening, standing at the big pier of Wendou Village and looking at the beauty. The villagers here are very simple and hospitable. They will ask you whether you have not eaten. My 77-year-old uncle saw our backpackers and must lead us to the farmhouse. Panoramic view of Wendou Village. There is also a thousand-year-old tree. It is said that it was struck by thunder, so the heart in the middle was empty, but the tenacious vitality made it a thousand-year-old tree.
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yylatpkuChixi Ping Fengyu Bridge is located in the center of Jinping County, the six hole River and Qingshui River in jinping, the Fengyu Bridge across two rivers, divided into two sections, unfortunately, 2021 May 2, the Fengyu Bridge above the six hole River was destroyed by fire, Chixi Ping Fengyu Bridge only left half of the Qingshui River. Even so, through the remaining Qingshui River Wind and Rain Bridge, you can still feel the scenery that once two bridges dance together. Jinping County also took the wind and rain bridge as the center, along the two rivers and six banks built more than ten kilometers along the river walk, along the walkway, the scenery is very beautiful.
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豫章晓生Beautiful scenery, beautiful source, god-like heaven and earth, green grass everywhere, many cows and sheep, endless, each mountain has a 32-meter-long leaf wind power generation. Home travel, you deserve to have it, welcome to my Qingshanjie We have passionate Miao girls and passionate Dong boys You can hear very beautiful folk songs Now you can visit for free I remember that morning at five or six o’clock, watching the rising sun Just like the five-star red flag, the motherland calls and protects us Sacred and so beautiful And after the National Day, the sky full of snowflakes fell on the ground Let us see me drunkly Speaking of my hometown, I am proud of it A poor and remote mountain village A place with a paradise The picture is a photo taken by myself Straight man taking pictures and walking Can better bring out our green mountain scenery
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一人游2944The quiet, quaint, towering pines and cypresses and tender purple February orchids are the most memorable and lingering spots during this trip to Jining. I hired a tour guide, but I was still a graduate student! The talk is very detailed, knowing is knowing, not knowing is not knowing, very humble and kind, and very patient. Finally, I took a family portrait for us. The photography skills are also good, which is great! To be honest, compared to the Confucian Temple, which is full of people, it is more relaxing and comfortable here.
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Historical Site
玛玛努卡群岛丁大全Interesting name, high and far, see the view at night.

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Sizhou Ancient CityQiandongnan,China

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Longli Ancient CityQiandongnan,China

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Here are the best places to visit in Jinping, including: Longli Ancient City,Wendou Village,Tianlongshan Temple
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