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山在穷游Many years ago, attention to the mountain of pen, but then because of the distance did not come to see, this time just borrowed to Jinzhou to play, ran to the mountain of pen. The traffic to the mountain is very convenient, out of the right turn bus of Jinzhou Railway Station, there is a bus to the mountain specially, 15-10 minutes a ticket price of 6 yuan, about an hour will arrive at the mountain scenic spot.
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我的世外桃源Qingyan Temple is located in the best scenic spot in the south of Mt. Yiwu, Beizhen City, Jinzhou City, Liaoning Province. It is the most incense-fired temple in Beizhen City, and is also a Buddhist resort in the west of Liaoning and even northeast. Qingyan Temple has both upper and lower houses. Into the mountain gate by Zhao Puchu hand-written inscription "Qingyan Temple", step on the stone paving filial road, to the group of peaks around the foot of the mountain, is the Qingyan Temple Lower House. The Lower House Temple Gate book "Tiankai Jingyu", temple built a large hall, Tianwang Hall, supporting hall, ancestral hall and so on. Mahavira Hall is dedicated to Buddha statues such as Shakyamuni, Nanhai Grand Master, different postures, lifelike. The entire temple is magnificent, magnificent. Out of the Lower Courtyard, on the 100 Quyun steps, through the reading of the mountain curving corridor, into the incense hall, through the Baoquguan, take nine curved path, then pick up the level and up, so that you can reach the upper courtyard. The courtyard is built in the cliff cliff, if the sky is overhanging, the scenery is excellent. Through the four-character "Green Rock Temple" mountain gate, along the stone steps down, a magic world is displayed in front of the eyes. Hundreds of meters wall to exit a natural terrace, the terrace back against the cliff, facing the abyss. The ancient temple on the platform is solemn, pine shaded, the courtyard waterfalls, fog around the clouds seal.
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小小菜鸟罗North Putuo Mountain is one of the large Foshan in the northern region. There is North Putuo Temple on the mountain. The overall play is not very high, it is very suitable for the physically demanding people to climb, but it is highly recommended to drive into the mountain, otherwise it is still a bit far away. One serious drawback is that there are a lot of hills with too many angles to repair the stairs, which makes it easy to stomp on, which I hope will be noticed by my follow-up friends
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Memorial Hall
D27***50Other than free entrance, a free guided tour accompanies through out this 3-storey museum. A place where we see heroes of the past die for the sake of patroitism. A definitely must go if you visit Jinzhou.
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系统错误提示Fengguo Temple, Yixian County, 45 minutes from Jinzhou High Speed Rail Station. The filming site of the second haircut of the palace played by Zhang Ziyi, a generation of masters. Several days ago, while taking advantage of the green yard, I went to one. Overall, worshiping Bodhisattva is not as good as loving more parents, friends and family. But this place, art level is still three or four floors high, the millennium clay Buddha, can stay today, rare.
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Historical Site
sunny3330333Very good, take the children for a stroll. There are not many people, the mountains are not high, and it takes four hours to wobble up and down the mountain. There are several attractions on the mountain that are very good. Sparrows are small and comprehensive.

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Dongfanghua Decheng Wetland Sceneic AreaJinzhou,China

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Nan Mountain ParkJinzhou,China

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Luzheng ManorJinzhou,China

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Daoguang 25 MuseumJinzhou,China

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Baoshi SquareJinzhou,China

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Qingyan TempleJinzhou,China

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About Jinzhou

Jinzhou, also called Tuhe in ancient times, is located in the southwestern part of Liaoning Province, in the Eastern section of the “Liaoxi Corridor”, which connects land transportation between China’s North and Northeast. It guards a passage into the country, and has long been a center of politics, economics, culture and transportation in the Liaoxi Corridor, even since ancient times. Jinzhou’s history and culture run deep. The story behind the phrase, “The old horse knows the way”, and the famous “Songjin War” both took place here, as well as the famous Liaoshen Campaign of 1948. The attack on Jinzhou even laid the foundation for the liberation of the entire Northeast. Today, Jinzhou is an emerging tourist city surrounded by mountains and sea. The main attractions are the Liaoshen Campaign Memorial, Guangji Pagoda, Guanyin Pavilion, Bijia Mountain Sky Bridge and the Thousand Buddhas Hall Grotto in Wanfotang Village.

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Here are the best places to visit in Jinzhou, including: Bijia Mountain,Qingyan Temple,North Putuo Mountain
You could try North Putuo Mountain,Liaoshen Battle Memorial Hall,Wanfotang Rock Cave,Jintang Hot Spring,Linghe Park in Jinzhou
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