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Things To Do in Jiuquan

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_We***73This place brought so many memories from home. I Loved walking on the sand dunes and honestly you really don't need the boots that they try to sell you.Fortunately, I got there when not many people were there, so I got to walk around the area without the disruption of other tourists. I also appreciate that this attraction is not very far away from downtown Dunhuang, which makes the experience time efficient.Definitely worth at least one visit.
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UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site
ViviLwe really enjoyed this place. It’s amazing how these caves and statues have been preserved for many years and the history background of each one of them. The tickets entrance is only a 100 without a tour guide and it includes the bus ride to the actual caves.
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当当🐒Tears in performances: not only the Dunhuang, there are generational change of the dynasty, the explorer, the officials who benefit melon state, the wine-giving poets, the wanderers looking out for the home... and the cool moonlight and stars in the Dunhuang desert after a thousand years. Classic? Thick? All the answers to the historical? modern? quaint, passing? need to be immersive and discovering. Salute the Dunhuang Again. Special add: The experience of less people is better!
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ViviLWe had an amazing day at the ancient city. it’s located like 30 mins by taxi away from downtown. The small village is a fantastic spot for photography. You can rent a Chinese outfit and pay for profesional camera photo for only 200RMB. You can either walk around the village or ride a 6 sits bike. outside the village you can rent a horse or a motor car ski and enjoy the desert in a different way.
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Ancient Trail
UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site
雪梨SydOn the way to Yadan so you have to pay. It''s much cheaper compared to others so not bad to stop over for a few minutes.
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M32***98‼️ Everyone's heart has a Dunhuang dream ‼️ Mogao Grottoes flying in the sky, frescoes, or Mingsha Mountain Crescent Springs, all full of magical colors ... Dunhuang exploration tour is started from you! ‼️ If you just want to come to Dunhuang to eat, drink and go shopping, do not see the Silk Road Flower Rain, then 🉑 will really not enjoy the trip, which is equivalent to Dunhuang Bailai. ‼️ Here, as a warm-hearted person tells you 👇‼️ When you have finished visiting the Mogao Grottoes, you must have a cheek, and the guide is so "deep". You may not understand and appreciate the magical things that happened on the real ancient Silk Road [Shu-Face R] If you love Dunhuang culture, Loved the Dunhuang fresco art, then, "Silk Road Flower Rain" must be a must-see performance to Dunhuang! She will be the extensive and profound Dunhuang culture and the ancient Silk Road prosperity of the brilliant scene! ‼️The mood at that moment, any language and language seems pale and powerless. Only when you are in the situation and feel it, you can know that all this on the Silk Road is so shocking!