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UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site
E49***64The Mogao Grottoes have beautiful caves and a lot of background history. You can pay extra for an English tour guide - it is worth it. The “Magao Grottoes” ice creams are so yummy (you can find them close at the exit). #Gansu#MagaoGrottoes
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ViviLIf you ever visit Dunhuang going to this place should be included. We had an amazing experience here and it was our favorite activity. we arrived around 2pm and paid 100 RMB as the entrance ticket to the scenic spot. once you go inside you have to pay separately for each of the activities but all of them are optional. The options are: camel ride, shoe protection, helicopter ride, motor ski, kind of Sandboard ( sitting down), buggie and jeep ride in the desert. After doing these activities of just enjoying the view you can go to the oasis area which is located inside the same place. Visit the temple and take some great pictures while getting ready to climb the hill to enjoy the sunset.
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298***35See Dunhuang again, it is really great, the director of Wang Chaoge is too strong, using the immersion performance way, the history of Dunhuang to the audience from the beginning, while walking and watching, various immersion performances give the feeling of the outpouring, the last big theater performance, Fully utilize the sand painting 3D effect, wear the history into a line, feel even if you don't know the history of Dunhuang Xiaobai, see Dunhuang performance after seeing it, it is also very comprehensive, the system and shock impression is great, proud of the country with such a director and such a performance 😊
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像我这样优秀的男人Jinta Desert Populus Euphratica Scenic Area, absolutely surprising four-star attractions, Populus Euphratica Lin reflected in the lake, there is something else. I went on October 9th, and the Populus Euphratica Lin was 70 percent yellow. Jinta Populus euphratica forest is located 6 kilometers northwest of Jinta County, Jiuquan City, Gansu Province, and is the best for driving by yourself (you can drive by yourself in the scenic area). If I go to public transportation, I am first at Jiuquan Station, take a taxi to Jiuquan Station (15 minutes), then take a bus to Jinta County (a Chinese bus, 9 yuan / person, 1 hour 10 minutes, average half an hour), come out from Jinta County Station, there are taxis at the door. 15/car to the scenic spot (no table no price, 10 minutes). If there are many people and don't drive themselves, you can try to return from Jiuquan chartered car (300/car). Scenic area tour time, fast, 3 hours, slowly take pictures, 5-6 hours is also OK. The Jinta Populus euphratica forest scenic area consists of five functional areas, namely, Populus euphratica-Jinbo Lake core tourist area, Shayulin tourist area, Bohai Red Willow Forest conservation area, desert entertainment experience area and desert reed maze area, covering an area of over 80,000 mu. If you drive, you can buy a self-driving ticket to enter. There are parking lots in several observation spots. It is very convenient; if you don't drive by yourself, in addition to tickets, you can buy a scenic bus ticket (flowing, stopping a few observation spots), don't imagine walking all the way, too far. The first stop of the bus is a golden rural area, which is the sea of flowers. It is not meaningful to see the flowers. The second stop is the Shayulin sightseeing area to see the sand maple trees. The third stop is the wild Populus forest, which is also the Populus poplar tree, but it is not as concentrated and beautiful as the core scenic spot behind. The fourth station is a bonfire platform. It is recommended to get off. It can overlook the Populus euphratica forest and have a good view. From the bonfire platform to the core tourist area of Populus euphratica-Jinbo Lake, you can continue to take the bus or walk through the wooden plank road from the bonfire platform. 1.5 km, 15 minutes (the scenery on the road is very good). After playing, take the bus from Jinbo Lake back to the gate of the scenic spot. I am the third stop of the wild poplar forest get off, and go to the deep Wenxiang Pavilion (rest pavilion, also overlooking the wild poplar forest), from Wenxiang Pavilion straight ahead, actually went to the bus stop in the Shayulin sightseeing area. Originally, the wooden plank road is connected between the first three viewing spots. But to be honest, the scenery is very general. It is recommended to take the car directly to the bonfire platform, after the shooting, go to Jinbo Lake. First pass the Jinta Lake, the Jinta Lake is divided into pieces, but it is very beautiful, suitable for taking pictures, people are also scattered; Kimbo Lake is a great lake, suitable for the distant view.
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Geological Sites
National Park
D33***59We came here to watch the sunset at around 7pm, and it was stunning. The landforms are fascinating, and to watch the sun go down in the desert is a very special experience. You get taken to each sightseeing spot by coach, which is convenient in such a vast landscape. This place is definitely worth a visit, and if you can catch the sunset then I'd definitely recommend it. It's beautiful.
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Historical Site
Ancient Trail
UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site
雪梨SydOn the way to Yadan so you have to pay. It''s much cheaper compared to others so not bad to stop over for a few minutes.

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About Jiuquan

Jiuquan City (“Wine Spring City”) is located in northern Gansu at the western end of the Hexi Corridor section of the Northern Silk Road. It has been an important strategic point for transit between the central plain and western regions since ancient times, and was an important town on the Silk Road. The terrain here is flat, with many springs; it has been called the “Oasis of the Gobi.” Jiuquan has a long history, which is represented by great historic sites like Jiuquan Park, Quanhu Park ("Spring Lake Park”), the bell tower, and the Eastern Jin era (317-420) paintings on the Dingjiazha Tombs.

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Oct 27, 2021 Jiuquan Weather: Clear, Northerly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 32%, Sunrise/Sunset: 07:48/18:31
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Here are the best places to visit in Jiuquan, including: Jinta Huyang Forest,Jiuquan Tianbao Scenic Area,Yulin Grottoes
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