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Things To Do in Jurong

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M26***75Going to Maoshan Scenic Area, accidentally saw the discount tickets below, decisively bought, spent 95 yuan, in two days played in Zhenjiang Maoshan, Jiaoshan, Xijindu, vinegar Bo also brought a companionship gift! Also took a lot of beautiful photos! The price is quite high, it is equivalent to giving me tickets for Jiaoshan, Xijindu, vinegar Bo. If you have good physical friends, you can also play a few more scenic spots, but it is recommended to play Maoshan first, because Maoshan tickets are the most expensive, playing it is equal to returning to the original, the more the more cost-effective!
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行走世界的陶小姐The ecological environment is very good, there are thousands of ancient villages, there are a lot of food, there are wonderful performances, there are many homestays in the accommodation. But it is recommended not to bring too much, because the luggage needs to be pulled in, the road is not smooth.
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绝望虾米It is really a wonderful experience, if possible, I will come back again and ask more friends come with me. Thanks a lot
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M26***9033 yuan is not expensive, the car can drive to the halfway up the Taoist Temple, and then continue to walk up, very high, the view is very broad. Stone steps, children and dogs can also climb up, the top is a small stall selling gadgets. The top of the scenery is magnificent.
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Memorial Hall
M24***26The most famous is the New Fourth Army Memorial Hall, and the magical firecrackers in front of the monument to recall the sound of the military bugle. The unit must organize party activities to punch in, away from Nanjing, another one hour, or more convenient.
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M41***28Suitable for taking children to go to places, catch piggy riding horses, feed pigeons, karts, basically children like, and do not queue long, the staff is very patient service attitude, especially for children, this is very good 👍 family travel with tents, eat more. This is better than other areas at any time to stop and rest, unlike many scenic spots do not give you a rest, hurry you to go. Overall, the price/performance ratio is still very high! The surprise is to meet a beautiful stream, the children are very happy to play with the water. Great value for money, great overall, fun and fun,