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Things To Do in Karlsruhe

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_We***14Karlsruhe Palace Garden ⚜️, fan-shaped diverging with this garden as the city center. Now the garden of the Karoo is also the iconic building of Karoo. People can chat, gather, read and do whatever they like here. It's just a day to just put a floral cloth on it! This time should be the most beautiful season in Europe. Golden leaves, warm sunshine ☀️...
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门子乀The very classic center of the old German city, the city hall, the statue of the knight and the church, the statue of the "Bremen Musician" in the corner of the city hall is a must-visit for tourists. There is a special manhole cover in the square, and you can hear the sound of the "Musicians of Bremen" when you drop a coin. The restaurant on the ground floor of the City Hall has a history of more than 600 years, and it is specially recommended on the LP. There are many types of wines recommended on the restaurant’s menu, and there are recommended dishes for each type of wine. If you have time, you can taste the wine.
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门子乀I didn’t think of visiting the museum at the Grand Theater, unless it was a friend who studied the history of opera. But as soon as the lobby of the theater entered my eyes, I was immediately shocked. It was a very, very gorgeous performance hall. I sat in the private room for a long time and did not want to go.
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Is伊莎贝拉Very interesting museum. There seems to be a new exhibition in the museum, and I have seen a lot of interesting things. The exhibition has the origin and history of zkm, which is very interesting. The game exhibition hall exhibits a large number of new games, which is very creative. What's more, the exhibits in it are very complete, restore the things of various eras, and restore the history of Germany very well. The decoration is very detailed. It is recommended for people who like to visit museums. The transportation is very convenient, the tickets are also very cheap, and you can have a good time for a dozen euros.
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Art Museum
coo***an[Scenic] Staatliche Kunsthalle Karlsruhe Compared with this provincial art museum, it is recommended to this provincial art museum. The area is large, the exhibits are many, the space is very designed and the building appearance is worth taking pictures.
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coo***an[View] The Museum DKM and this Baden Provincial Museum are worth visiting, the exquisite but elegant museum, not too many people can walk and enjoy [price/performance] beautiful! Worth the visit