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Things To Do in Kasai

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UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site
E35***38if you are into castles and architecture, you should visit himeji castle. The wonders of how they build during that era is amazing and one wonders how they even came up with the idea for the structure. Warning, be prepared to climb vertical stairs... like 45 degrees with low ceiling. Overall, it was a beautiful experience.
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トビアスジェマリーUniversal Studio Japan located in Osaka Japan, they are many activities and you can play ,watch Banda, discovery your favorite actors cartoon characters it is very beautiful place and take friends/family photos. Adults & children can play also❤️❤️❤️
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Hot Springs Resort
Koh Love this place. This is my second trip here and I try to make it an annual trip. The whole area is simply so relaxing and beautiful. Try their gold onsen, it's good for your skin. You can see many local Japanese old aunties travel all the way here every week for skinbeauty treatment through soaking themselves in the onsen. It's known that during the olden days, only the emperor or the royal family members can enjoy the gold onsen.
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轻轻的一个蚊Haogu Garden is composed of nine independent and carefully restored samurai residences and their courtyards. The Edo-style courtyard has waterfalls, carp ponds, pavilions, rockeries, and shrubs. The scenery is the best in spring and autumn. Many Japanese historical dramas were filmed at this time, and there was also a quiet tea room. It was the autumn leaf season, where women in costumes gathered for tea.
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M34***68Kobe port was one of the most important industrial and commercial ports in Japan, and it was a foreign country in the Meiji period. The Port Tower, the Ocean Museum and the Mosaic Ferris Wheel are the landmarks of the Port.
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Featured Neighborhood
Koh I love Kitano area. It's so nice and artzy to wak around. The East meets West old building made me spent almost the whole day exploring this area. I've found some wonderful café and restaurant for my meal too. It's an unforgettable sweet memory for me.