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Things To Do in Kibichuo

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西行阿里It is a three major gardens in Japan along with Kanazawa kanen and Mito koen, and it is a migratory garden of Ikeizumi, which was built by Tsunamasa Ikeda, the Lord of Okayama domain 300 years ago. The living room "Yanyang Pavilion" as the center of the distribution Noh-Le stage, pond, mountains, Meilin, tea garden, and more in the Japanese garden very rare wide lawn.
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Hot Springs Resort
KarouwyattThe facilities here are relatively old. We recommend that you bring your own shower gel and shampoo.
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Tom HungThis area is selected according to the scenic area of Kurashiki City, including the whole area of the town, the northern part of the central 1 chome (former Kobe shrine, etc.), and the eastern part ・ Achi 2 chome ・ rhombus 2 chome. The generalized beauty area consists of the traditional preservation area (the first kind) and the traditional preservation area (the second kind). The traditional preservation area (the surrounding area of Kurashiki gawa River) is the name of the traditional preservation area of the Kurashiki gawa River. It was designated as a preservation area of important traditional buildings in the country. In the early Edo period, in Kanei 19 (1642), when it was designated as tenryo of the Edo Bakufu (Japanese feudal government headed by a Shogun), Kurashiki daikan was established in the area and developed as a distribution area in southern bicchu province. From Kurashiki gawa River to the south side of Kurashiki mountain, the town hall in the tenryo era was completely preserved in the arrangement of white wall residences and warehouses. In 1969, the beautiful area was designated by the Kurashiki city Ordinance. In 1979, it was selected as the preservation area of the important traditional building group in the prefecture 2nd.
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Historical Site
fyqj1234Okayama, as the first city developed by Ukita in the Warring States Period in Japan, has been witnessing the development of the Edo Shogunate along with the development of the Warring States Period. It can be considered a bit of historical significance. In order to promote tourism, many of them here are commemorated Anyway, all the things from Warring States Warriors were pulled over and placed in the Tianshou. Okayama Castle is different from a complete castle. At present, there are only one or two small gates in the castle and Honmaru, and because it is Heicheng, there is no steep terrain, so if you come here, you will come from Korakuen. , Because there are tickets, there is no need to buy a special ticket to go to the city. There are a lot of exhibits in the castle tower. There are special introductions to the history of the city and some small experience projects. The city itself is not high. After ascending to the top, you can see the river and Korakuen on the opposite side from the sky guard. There is only one river away from Korakuen. After crossing an iron bridge, the scenery is still beautiful.
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茱丽叶amazing place, despite the rain when I went there. need a ferry ride to get to the island. can spend a good day walking around and visiting the art exhibition. enjoy fresh udon noodles and take fun pictures .
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茉香奶青The traffic to the shrine is easy to reach. After the train station comes out, go straight, that is, the train schedule is not very dense, remember to watch the time first. After exiting the train station, there is a boulevard that is very flavorful. You first arrive at the Japanese garden in front of the shrine, and then you arrive at Kibitsu Shrine, which is very beautiful and full of forest atmosphere. I was lucky to get on the lovely Momotaro train and arrived at Momotaro Shrine. Kibitsu Shrine is also known as Momotaro Shrine. Those who are interested can search for stories and legends. The shrine’s architecture is very famous and is a national treasure of Japan. Those who like architecture can do their homework to visit, but I visit it unpreparedly and I am surprised by the architecture. The scope of the shrine is very large. In addition to the main body of the shrine, there are back hills and courtyards, as well as flower gardens, and the whole is beautiful. I have admired the front courtyard for a long time. If you have enough time, you can leave one day for Kibitsu Shrine, a quiet and peaceful place.