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Things To Do in Konstanz

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乖小咪The statue of Imperia in Konstanz is a very distinctive statue on Lake Constance. Legend has it that this is a goddess in a German folktale. He holds a king and a queen in his hands. Although he doesn't understand its meaning, it feels very different. It is also an iconic building on the shore of Lake Constance and it is worth coming to appreciate it.
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Ancient Settlement
乖小咪The old city of Konstanz is an old town with many ancient and meaningful old buildings. The streets and shops all reflect the oldness and elegance of this place. It is definitely an important stop in the old German city tour. Don't miss it.
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林荫大道水至清The cathedral is the most majestic building in Konstanz. The tower is 76 meters high. After reaching the top, you can overlook the entire Old Town of Konstanz and you can also overlook Lake Constance. We arrived at Konstanz from Stein with a Swiss pass, and we walked here at will. It was the first time to see such a tall and magnificent church up close. It was very shocking. I had no experience at the time and I didn’t dare to rush into it.
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乖小咪The island of Reichenau is a very beautiful outer island in Konstanz. The natural environment on the island is very primitive. There are very beautiful forest trails and large farmland manors. It also has a very beautiful rural scenery, giving people a comfortable feeling of returning to nature.
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零零星星的旅程A walk around the lakeside of Constance meets the zoo and the children's park, just in time for the holidays, the family leisure good place. [View] The larger port, the lakeside walk is very comfortable. [Fun] Children's Park, many things to play, mini golf, children's toys, etc. Zoos are mostly common animals. [Cost-effective] Free.
Nearby City
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nj海虹The name of Meersburg is literally translated as "the town by the lake". Looking across the lake from Constance, there is a raised hill planted with grapes, and on the top of the hill is a medieval castle called Meersburg.