Krems-Land District
Lower Austria
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Things To Do in Krems-Land District

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非你不渴Probably because of the high noon, the town is not crowded with tourists, only the three of us in the shop, leisurely walking between the old streets, which basically around the blue and white churches to the mountain road.
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非你不渴Our ship was heading towards the Wahao Valley, passing by a Viking cruise ship opposite, and we should have come in that direction if we had not caught up with the rain falling too little and the river was not well enough.
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非你不渴It was a complete surprise to go up the ruins of the castle, which were not far from the hill behind it, because it was hot to walk around the town.
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Historical Architecture
非你不渴The monastery's facade features a "Tresian yellow" goose yellow tone, the favorite color of Maria Tresia, Queen of the Hapsburgs. The interior is beautifully painted frescoes and the world's most beautiful library with countless medieval manuscripts.
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非你不渴Climbing up this hill, the castle is in front of us, but it is all broken and shabby, and it is a pity.
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M32***23The style of Schloss Spitz is very good. It is worth a visit. There is also a very special geographical advantage that you can walk to the sea. It is dreamy and more comfortable for a few nights~