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Things To Do in Kromeriz

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fis***erI visited this church on a business trip in the spring 6 years ago. Unexpectedly, the authentic Roman Catholic Church that I entered for the first time was so magnificent. I don’t know the history of their country. The most impressive thing is that this church is just wood carving and stele inscriptions. In the history, the names of the people in charge of the church (priest or grand duke?) have several large walls. This is a sacred place, but there are always people who look down on it. I was watched by a pair of gypsy-looking sisters and brothers outside the church. Maybe I was an Asian face and soft-hearted. They kept harassing me for small money. I couldn't bear it and could only run away quickly. Later, my colleagues said that Gypsies have been like this for hundreds of years, and it is also true now. The whole of Europe cannot tolerate them and can only make a living.
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Historical Architecture
UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site
coo***anThe Holy Trinity Column is a typical example of this type of architecture. This baroque-style holy column is 35 meters high, and the column is decorated with many exquisite religious carvings, which were made by the famous Czech artist Vaclav Lendel (1669-1773) and others. In 1754, Queen Theresde personally attended the completion ceremony of the Holy Column.
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UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site
juki235The Church of St. John of Nepomuk in Brno is also an ancient church with a history of more than 800 years. This church has a rich historical and artistic value. There are very exquisite and detailed carvings on the outer wall of the church. The shapes of every figure or animal are lifelike and very lifelike. It is definitely a piece of church artwork that is worth coming. Visit.
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icqpupVery characteristic building, three green domes are very beautiful. There is a large courtyard inside and an underground structure. Such a beautiful church, open and free of money, is quite rare in Czech tourist areas. Like Olomouc.
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icqpupTo the north of the Town Hall Square and the Holy Trinity Column, there is a large but low-key church. The interior of the church does not have much distinctive features, but its bell tower can be climbed to overlook the entire Old Town of Olomouc. Coins go up to the tower, no one is on duty, it's all consciously.
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UNESCO世界遗产之旅Cromeritz’s exquisitely manicured gardens and magnificent castle are one of the most brilliant landscape art treasures in the history of Europe, setting a model for Europe and the world. At the end of the 15th century, the first mansion appeared in Kromeritz Castle. It was converted into a Baroque palace 200 years later and a gorgeous garden was built. In this world's best-preserved Baroque garden, visitors will be surrounded by colorful flowers and magical sculptures.