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Things To Do in Kuancheng

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Water Park
迷路的胖胖Holiday went to Chengde Kuancheng Huaxi City Water World, the environment is good for taking children to summer play, after entering the whole journey with the bracelet consumption, such as renting cabinets, eating, etc., especially convenient. Many large-scale equipment fun and exciting.
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M14***78The scenic area needs to be strengthened now, but many projects are very fun and exciting. There are glass plank roads, glass bridges, and cliff swings on the top of the mountain.
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Historical Site
阿凡侠Qingshanguan has the fun of the Great Wall, and the culture of the Great Wall, scenic management is also good, is a recommended attraction. The castle part characteristic is slightly insufficient, can further develop, the Great Wall part has certain difficulty, but this is the original Great Wall characteristic, the scenic spot is still under construction, hope to go up another floor.
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UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site
_We***23The Mountain Resort was the summer retreat for some of the Qing Emporers and it's scale and beauty definitely speaks of power of the Qing at its height. There is the Palace area which is now a museum with an extre fee to enter, however it is probably worth it. The there is the lakes area which are one of the best parts. Artificial islands house pavilions and palaces which are great for walking around and then having a rest in the shade. To the right of the lakes is the plains area showing the manchurian heritage of the Qing dynasty. This area if just grassland, but at the end there are some Mongolian yurts and a tall pagoda. Then there is the mountain area which takes up most of the space of the resort. This area is sometimes closed (late winter and spring), but the tour bus that races around the mountains is definitely worth it. There are many areas in which you can get off, with the highlight probably being the view of the 'mini potala palace' from the wall. Definitely worthy of its designation as a world heritage site, and worth going, despite the rather steep price (at least for Chinese standards).
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M48***62The other day, brushed to the trembling sound said the boat capsized, no one care. I also told friends. Should go. Friend said that cyber violence ignore, so the small partner is operating from Tangshan, less than two hours. The tunnel that feeling is a cool stimulation. The lifeguard constantly tells us to pay attention to safety and put the handrail. Because the water is running fast, so don't listen to the lifeguard. Although there are many lifeguards, you must protect yourself and observe the safety rules of the scenic spot 😄. Out of the tunnel, must be alliance, find friends, or this water gun water raft attack really can not resist ah. [Crush teeth] tired to fight can also catch small fish small shrimp. The river is clear, you can see small fish. Does it look like us when we were young. Have been to the grassland, have been to the beach, just come to a wet rafting. Experience it first hand, it is recommended.
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139***13Putuo Zongcheng Temple is located in the north of the summer resort in Chengde City, Hebei Province, south of Lion Valley, the largest building group in the eight temples outside Chengde. It was built in March, Qianlong 32, and completed in August, 1771, Qianlong 36. The temple was built by Qianlong for the 60th birthday of Qianlong himself and the 80th birthday of his mother, Empress Dowager Chongqing. The temple was built after the Potala Palace in Lhasa, Tibet, and is commonly known as the Potala Palace, the Putuo Zongcheng and the Potala, meaning the Holy Land of Guanyin. Its main building Dahongtai is located at the foot of the mountain, 43 meters high, the central hall of the center of the Taiwan Wanfa is the main hall, the top of the hall is high above the group of buildings, the top of the hall is covered with goldfish scale copper tiles, gold splendor. It is very convenient to book tickets on Trip.com. It is now a tourist season, tickets are 80 yuan, half price over 60 years old.