Kubuqi Desert
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347 Reviews
多梅讷刘邦The Qixing Lake scenic area is large, the crowd is scattered and suitable for self-driving. The buffet of the scenic hotel is good, the ticket office will send a 50 yuan voucher, very worth. The desert sand is very thin and comfortable! The scenery is spectacular, and the camel ride is very suitable. The hotel's sightseeing car is 100 per car, unlimited time, conscience.
147 Reviews
游侠半仙Kubuchi, the seventh largest desert in China, means the strings on the bow, because it is under the Yellow River like a string hanging on the Yellow River, so it is named. Buy a 280 yuan tour package, take a desert surf car into, ride a camel 🐫, see the strange woods, sand sculpture, pick pockets and other attractions, slide down from the sand mountain, and take a small train back.
46 Reviews
舍纳斯昂博朗曾国藩We have only one day in Xiangsha Bay, and a large part of it is spent on Xiansha Island. The three projects of desert motorcycle, desert bicycle and desert off-road vehicle adventure can be repeated unlimited times. There is almost no need to line up, but the ropeway can only be taken once. , And have to line up for 1-2 hours. There are miscellaneous performances at a fixed time, and camel rides on the island. It is a pity that it rained heavily before we went, and we rushed across the sandboarding slide and failed to play. There is also a children's playground, swinging, and walking on the tightrope, which is very suitable for children to play.
7 Reviews
爱笑确不开心的旅行家Kubuqi Desert Park, a very mysterious place, and there is a desert hotel seven-star hotel in the depths of the desert, very comfortable and luxurious, how luxurious it is to have an indoor swimming pool in the vast desert
12 Reviews
yf3***02Kubuqi is the seventh largest desert in Dalat in Inner Mongolia. Entering the hinterland of the desert, you can deeply feel the western style of loneliness, gold, drought, wind and sand. On sunny days, the blue sky, white clouds and golden sand can be seen. Boundless, beautiful and dizzy...
5 Reviews
Science & Technology Museum
紫雨小格斗The display content in the museum is rich and colorful. It is a lecture hall for the public and an open history textbook. It shows the arduous process of human survival and development in arid desert areas. There are cases of human failures in the development and utilization of arid desert resources. There are also successful cases of human scientific development and utilization of arid desert resources, which have strong warning and educational significance.

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Kubuqi Desert Park (North Gate)Ordos,China

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Ngebe Ecological Demonstration Zone Desert Science MuseumOrdos,China

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Qixing Lake Desert MuseumOrdos,China

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Xiansha IslandOrdos,China

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Ordos Kubuqi Shenguang Xiangsha Tourist ZoneOrdos,China

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Engebei Shamo Ecology Leisure ResortOrdos,China

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Kubuqi Desert Weather

Oct 18, 2021
-1 ~ 13
Oct 19, 2021
-1 / 10
Oct 20, 2021
0 / 11
Oct 21, 2021
0 / 10
Oct 22, 2021
0 / 11
Oct 23, 2021
Light Rain
3 / 13
Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Kubuqi Desert
Oct 18, 2021 Kubuqi Desert Weather: Clear, Northeasterly Wind: 10–17 kph, Humidity: 15%, Sunrise/Sunset: 06:53/17:57
Kubuqi Desert Travel: Suitable, Umbrella: Not Required, UV Strength: Moderate

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Here are the best places to visit in Kubuqi Desert, including: Qixing Lake Desert Ecological Park,Xiansha Island,Ordos Kubuqi Shenguang Xiangsha Tourist Zone
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