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8 Reviews
fyqj1234Kure City itself is a military port city. Because the military port is hot and peaceful and quiet, as the home port of the Yamato battleship, there are a lot of memories of Yamato here, plus the Japanese concept of Yamato soul, so the abstract becomes a spirit. Plus the men on the Yamato a few years ago, the popularity is still very high. The most worth seeing here is the model of the Yamato model copied to scale on the first floor. The workmanship is extremely fine, and you can also go to the side to take close-up shots. The entire museum is divided into several exhibition halls, which give a detailed introduction to the development history of the entire Wugang, so it is not only the Second World War, but also the epitome of the naval struggle. There are many ship models in it. The Japanese originally Those who are good at playing this kind, those who like models can have fun. If you go to the second half along the way, you can also see the zero fighter and submarine models. Upstairs, there will be a variety of science and even children's playground space, which is quite suitable for parent-child travel. Recently, there happened to be a special exhibition on the status quo of Yamato and Musashi. It is not recommended to watch. The fare is too expensive. In fact, there is nothing beautiful. A batch of video materials don't feel much meaning to us. To tell the truth about the history of the shipwreck, they pulled the Yamato-class No. 3 ship Shinano out for a walk... The sinking position of the ships in the museum after the war looked quite comfortable. The museum itself is highly recommended. There are also the Mutsu’s iron anchor and naval gun model outside the museum. It is also a warship that sank inexplicably. If you come to Hiroshima, I really recommend spending half a day here to experience it. What to say Military pot doctrine is really not enough. Most of the visitors are just ordinary people who come to learn about history. The effect of propaganda is incomparable with our patriotic education base.
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fyqj1234Once you arrive in Kure City, it is estimated that everyone will be attracted by this super conspicuous submarine model in the city. Who can think that this place is also a publicity that Haizi had to do in order to attract people. It is next door to the Yamato Museum and no tickets are required. Many people will still come in. To be honest, the effect of this kind of education is good. The submarine is on the 3rd floor or the 4th floor, and you can go directly inside to visit it. It's also interesting to take a look when you come by. Due to time constraints, I didn't look at the exhibition very much when I stayed. The main thing is to introduce Haizi's daily work, including mine clearance and other mines. When you reach the floor where you can enter the submarine, I will first introduce the precautions of the submarine, and then experience it in the one-to-one imitated cabin layout before boarding the submarine. It is more beneficial to stroll around in such a circle. It would be nice to do more. Our Naval Expo really needs to be upgraded.
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City Park
1 Reviews
_uc***20The memorial ship of the Sino-Japanese War of 1894-1895 should be worth seeing
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City | ​​landmark
10 Reviews
City Park
E35***71Ondo no Seto Park. Went here by bike. Nice view and good place for picnic. I'll definitely be back here during spring season.

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Hatami Yahatayama ShrineKure,Japan

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Niko BallparkKure,Japan

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Kaijo Hoan MuseumKure,Japan

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Toyoshima BridgeKure,Japan

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Kai to Kaiso No IeKure,Japan

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Marine BowlKure,Japan

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Oct 27, 2021 Kure Weather: Mostly Clear, Northeasterly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 74%, Sunrise/Sunset: 06:24/17:22
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