Kutna Hora
Central Bohemia
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Churches and Cathedrals
Historical Architecture
yangQQThis human bone church is very famous. In order to commemorate the Black Death in Europe in the 14th century, the decorations in the church are made of human bones, wine glasses made of human bones, human bone chandeliers, human bone candle holders, and human bone crosses. The taste is slightly heavy. The atmosphere is relatively depressing, and some people may not be comfortable with it, but I think it's worth going.
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Churches and Cathedrals
Historical Architecture
寂寞的西瓜Autumn in Europe is really cold and unpredictable. When you enter the coffee shop, it is still rainy and unstoppable with a gray sky. After drinking the coffee and then going out, I have already seen the sun, which can’t be more surprising ☀️ The first stop in the afternoon is Santa Barbara Cathedral in Kutna Hora. I heard that it is another famous church with unfinished buildings. As for the first famous, of course, it is Barcelona’s illegal Sagrada Familia that is still working hard to build. And here, the first shutdown, it is said that it took nearly a hundred years. Burning Goose, the second stoppage, is an even more powerful 500 years+ Although around 1905, the Santa Barbara Cathedral finally announced the completion of the main body. But there is really only the main body, visible to the naked eye, so far there are still some small details that have not been completely completed... However, procrastination goes to procrastination, the church itself is still very good-looking: the unique Bohemian + Gothic mix and match style, the interior has a huge mesh roof beam, beautiful rose windows, and 27 on both sides of the exterior. The minaret is full of design. Moreover, the few tourists make the whole trip leisurely and comfortable~
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WillSumThe introduction in the Silver Mine Museum is nothing special. After all, it is similar to the previous castles. It shows the history of coinage during the time when the Italians came. It is particularly sensible to walk on the side of the mountain at night, when it is snowing. Several relief sculptures are lit, and the white building walls look very serious and silent.
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Historical Architecture
WillSumThe Italian courtyard is located in the central area of the entire old city. It has been expanded many times. The way to visit here is very special. A lady took the rooms and opened the door and locked the door. The whole part of the visit was mainly to introduce the development history of copper mining. It is also very distinctive to get a coin on the spot.
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Churches and Cathedrals
Building by Famous Architects
WillSumWhen we went to the Bone Church, we were with the group. When the tour guide parked the car in the parking lot next to the church, we thought that the building of this size was the Bone Church. Although it is located at the most busy intersection, it is very quiet and basic. The people who have not visited enter the building from the entrance of the intersection. The style is relatively simple and there are not too many carvings. Everything is simple and comfortable with the high ceiling.
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Historical Architecture
Building by Famous Architects
~_~??This is located in the middle of a fork in the center of the town, and it is easy to miss if you are not careful. The stone model has no water spray. Keep it as part of the town’s historic sites.

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Gothic Stone FountainKutna Hora,Czech Republic

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Ossuary / The Cemetery ChurchKutna Hora,Czech Republic

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LEGO MuseumKutna Hora,Czech Republic

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Tylovo divadloKutna Hora,Czech Republic

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Vinne sklepy Kutna HoraKutna Hora,Czech Republic

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Tobacco MuseumKutna Hora,Czech Republic

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Kutna Hora Weather

Oct 23, 2021
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Oct 24, 2021
Mostly Clear
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Oct 25, 2021
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Oct 26, 2021
Intermittent Clouds
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Oct 27, 2021
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Oct 28, 2021
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Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Kutna Hora
Oct 23, 2021 Kutna Hora Weather: Clear, Northeasterly Wind: 10–17 kph, Humidity: 70%, Sunrise/Sunset: 07:33/17:53
Kutna Hora Driving: Suitable, Running: Suitable, Cycling: Suitable

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