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Things To Do in Laiyang

134 Reviews
City Park
三月里的阳光14Clam River Park is a master of leisure parks in the urban area. The integrated design integrates multiple functions such as gardens, leisure and entertainment. Especially in the evening, a musical fountain attraction was added, which fits the citizens' evening entertainment.
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三月里的阳光14The water of the Canglang is so clear that you can squeeze me. Sakura Town was rated as a provincial-level civilized rural demonstration village. In recent years, based on the original foundation, more attention has been paid to planning and layout, and the level of scenic spots has been upgraded. The original basic roads and other infrastructure have been repaired, greened, brightened and beautified. Made a file upgrade.
64 Reviews
鸡冠头Super awesome, I didn't expect this small place to have such a good museum, very suitable for bringing children, this time to Qingdao is still a worthwhile trip, originally just to find students to play. Catch up
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鹿昊Second time at Cretaceous National Geopark. Kids love dinosaurs, and have been wanting to come since last year. It's a science world, with dinosaur fossils and other biofossils of the same period.
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雁栖苍梧A place worth visiting, the green hills and green waters, the most important thing is the free, free, and free tickets! ! ! Tell the heavy things three times. The car can be driven directly halfway up the mountain and then climb 500 steps to reach the top.
Nearby City
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Historical Architecture
Doradoranice!!The weather in winter is a good soul need to wear a lot of warm clothing but the area is nice you can go inside in some places