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Lavender and SunHiking up Mount John. Mount John is located on the shore of Lake Tekapo. You can enjoy the beautiful Lake Tekapo and the lakeside town from the top of the mountain. The most notable thing is that there is an observatory on the top of the mountain, which is an important base for space research in New Zealand. Because it is far away from big cities and the sky is clear, it has the most beautiful starry sky at night. It is also one of the four best stargazing spots in the world. It is recognized as the best place to observe the Milky Way and the center of the universe. There is also a coffee shop on the top of the mountain, which is known as the best coffee shop in the world. Climb to Mount John for a cup of star coffee and wait for stargazing
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Historical Site
广州丁满Lake Tekapo, which is already very beautiful, has been greatly enhanced by the existence of the Church of the Good Shepherd. Many tourists often only take pictures around the church, ignoring that there is actually a shepherd dog sculpture not far away. It is The origin of the name of this church. Walking along the small gravel road, the blue lake is really beautiful when the weather is good. Because I was going uphill, from a distance, it seemed that there was a cute little dog waiting for the owner to return. The sculpture is not big, standing on a pedestal made of many stones, forming a very beautiful picture with the blue sky, white clouds and distant mountains and ice lakes.
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77的足迹Lake Tekapo in New Zealand surprises you with the beautiful Lubing flowers and milk blue ~ Lake Tekapo (LakeTekapo) is located between Christchurch and Queenstown, in the heart of Mount Cook Basin and MacKenzie. As a must-pick holy place for tourism in New Zealand, the nearby Mount Cook and the Church of the Good Shepherd are equally beautiful! The charming Lake Tekapo is surrounded by lush bushes and snow-capped mountains. Because the glaciers contain rocks, the melting of the glaciers in the Southern Alps into the lakes causes the rocks in the glaciers to break into fine powder, forming a wonderful color, so the "milk blue" lakes in this area are also named. The climate blown from the Southern Alps makes Lake Tekapo an average temperature of 7°C in winter and around 20°C in summer. The climate is pleasant. If you choose to arrive in spring, you can also enjoy the Lu Binghua blooming in the mountains and plains. In this majestic and peaceful natural scenery, relaxing or taking a walk may be the most pleasant thing. Visit [Mount Cook National Park] New Zealand’s famous scenic spots nearby. When you come to Lake Tekapo, you can go to Mount Cook to experience its magnificence and excitement. [The Church of the Good Shepherd] Along a clear path, you can quickly walk to the famous Church of the Good Shepherd built in 1935. This beautiful stone church is located on the shore of Lake Tekapo in New Zealand, with a vast background Many couples choose to hold their weddings here. Lake Tekapo is a three-hour drive from Christchurch, and there are boating and other activities~‍Recommended route for sightseeing on Lake Tekapo. You can choose to drive or register for a day trip. You can pass many famous sightseeing spots along the way: fruit Small towns of Cromwell, Mount Cook, Lake Tekapo, Church of the Good Shepherd, beautiful scenery experience
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天路客77It's so beautiful! The mountains, the lakes, the surrounding Lu Binghua... The church is not big, you can only see it at the door, you can't sit in and pray quietly, some regrets...
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Golf Course
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旅の径Fairlie is a small town, located 32 kilometers northeast of Lake Tekapo, on the main road from Lake Tekapo to Christchurch. Around Fairlie, many farms (New Zealand-style farmhouses) have been opened. The close contact with the free-range alpacas is the highlight, attracting many Chinese tourists. Walked into a farm on the side of the road, the typical layout of the front shop and the back court. The spacious shop hall is divided into a sales area and a rest area. Pictures of alpaca and its products are hung on the walls of the sales area. There are various alpaca products, dolls, coffee, and simple meals on the shelves and counters, which are colorful and dazzling. In the lounge area, spacious sofas, clean coffee tables, and interesting decorations contrast with the charming scenery outside the window. After a short break, he brought a pack of feeding snacks to the ranch. The grassy pastures are surrounded by dozens of alpacas with different coat colors. The chic body, elegant gait, cute look, embarrassing look, and fluffy feel make people laugh. , Feast your eyes.

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Why should stargazing be on your bucket list? Do you know that about 66% of the global population and 80% of our children cannot see the hazy center of the Milky Way even in the starry night sky? Are you aware that the light rays from electric bulbs scatter and strike dust, smoke, and air molecules scattering even more till they block the view of the stars completely? That is why stargazing spots are needed at sky preserves so we can watch the natural starry skies and the wonders they hold.
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Oct 16, 2021
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Oct 16, 2021 Lake Tekapo Weather: Cloudy, Northeasterly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 44%, Sunrise/Sunset: 06:46/20:03
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