Lang County
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Things To Do in Lang County

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enjoyzentChongkang village is located in the Brahmaputra River in Lang County, Tibet, meaning the birthplace, the birth house, because the village named after the birth of the home. The village back by the Yuanbao Mountain, half the mountain has a huge stone and the image, the road is a rock mountain, with falling stone, is also a taste in the heart.
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enjoyzentBalqude Temple is the largest temple in Nyingchi area, it is said that it belonged to the Kaguchi school at the earliest. And temples are no longer just for the Buddha burn incense, but gradually evolved into the commanding party's "rule base", the size of the temple gradually expanded, the style also become rich. As "Nyingchi first temple", Balqude Temple's history, should be relatively rich.
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JimmyLuMRSurrounded by mountains and rivers, it is majestic and is one of the largest temples in Nyingchi.
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格格巴There is no direct bus from Lhasa to Ramlacuo. If you want to take your own car to Ramlacuo, you first have to reach Gacha County, and the Zedang Town Passenger Station sends a bus to Gacha County every 8 o'clock. Then take a shuttle bus from Gacha County to Lujiu Township, 15km after passing the Jonggo Jie Temple. So it is still recommended to charter, carpool or group. After the vehicle arrives at La Ramlacuo parking lot, it is necessary to hike up the steps to the observation deck, the altitude is 5300 meters, the air is thin, walk a few steps to stop and rest, to avoid high reverse. Once you reach the top, you can see Ramla Mio and do not disturb the faithful around you.
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格格巴The mountain of Gombuthi is located east of the town of Zedang in Shannan City, the highest point is 4,472 meters above sea level. On the mountainside of the mountain, there is the monkey cave of the first cave in Tibet. This is a well-known area around the south of the mountain. The Tibetans tell the legend of the first apes that were combined with the woman of Luocha. It is a culture that is transcendent of words, and it is the idea, the wish and the belief of people.
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_We***44It is 369km away from Lhasa City, and the lake is 3, 464m above sea level, and the total length is 15km and the width is 3km. Bassoncuo Scenic Area is a collection of snow mountains, lakes, forests, waterfalls, pastures, cultural relics, scenic spots and ancient temples as one, different scenery, different four-times, a collection of various wild rare plants, a paradise on earth. It has the reputation of "Oriental Little Switzerland".