Lang Mountain Scenic Area
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656 Reviews
Geological Sites
Mass_trvery nice place to visit. They are no foreigners in this place but the locals are very friendly, i had a great time here.
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Geological Sites
M41***17Great views! The air was great too! We went with a few families and everyone had a great time! Watching the video was a bit scary, at first we were worried about taking the kids to go in danger, went to know that the side was good, not as scary as expected. It's good to take pictures at the top of the mountain, beautiful scenery everywhere! Everyone took and took pictures of them. They are too willing to go down the mountain haha
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涛涛讨喜wPepper Peak is a scenic spot in Hunan Lushan. " Pepper Peak " is named because it resembles an inverted pepper. It is the earliest scenic spot in Lushan. It is 180 meters in absolute height and is red red. It is a rare spectacle of Danxia landform.
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Geological Sites
涛涛讨喜wTianyi Lane is a scenic spot in Hunan Lushan, the narrowest point is only 30 to 40cm wide, you must pass sideways, and the lane is more than 200 meters long, there are Yuxian Lane, Yuxian Bridge and other attractions, the scenery is good.
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我也爱边牧Zixiayu Scenic Area is an important part of Hunan Lushan Scenic Area. The 5A level scenic spot is a typical Danxia landform canyon with Zixia Palace, Zixia Buddha and red-brown cliff cliffs.
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当地向导江南游子Originating from the Fuyi River in Maoer Mountain, Guangxi, it is the mother river of the Langshan people. Its waters run through the Langshan Scenic Area. It has unique conditions for mountain travel and water play. Fuyi River Scenic Spot has scenic spots such as Jiangjun Stone, Wangquan Mountain, Wuyingzhou, Wangu Dyke, and Lotus Pool Reflecting the Moon. The river is clear and crystal clear, as smooth as a mirror, the water surface is about 100 meters wide and the narrow part is more than 70 meters. The strange peaks and stones on both sides of the strait are reflected on the water surface under the blue water and blue sky; the sandy beaches on both sides are pure white, with continuous rocks and willows, and the grass is beautiful; the boat sails in the river, and the sound of bamboo flutes is picturesque. The drifting of the Fuyi River is sometimes as smooth as a mirror, sometimes turbulent, sometimes shaded by trees, sometimes by wild flowers, bees and butterflies play, and the rapids are dangerous, making everyone feel extremely nervous and exciting, and screaming all the way. The entire rafting process is rapid and continuous, combining thrills, excitement, romance, passion and fun, so that everyone integrates with nature, revels in the embrace of nature, and forgets to return.

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Langshan MountainShaoyang,China

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Liangshan National Geological Park MuseumShaoyang,China

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Lang Mountain Scenic Area Weather

Oct 26, 2021
14 ~ 19
Oct 27, 2021
14 / 19
Oct 28, 2021
13 / 18
Oct 29, 2021
Light Rain
12 / 15
Oct 30, 2021
13 / 16
Oct 31, 2021
Light Rain
12 / 15
Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Lang Mountain Scenic Area
Oct 26, 2021 Lang Mountain Scenic Area Weather: Cloudy, Northeasterly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 76%, Sunrise/Sunset: 06:42/17:59
Lang Mountain Scenic Area Travel: Suitable, Umbrella: Not Required, UV Strength: Very Low
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