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Things To Do in Leishan

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Ancient Settlement
klandyIt's very nice. It's beautiful, especially the night view and the sun just came out in the morning.
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_We***35A typical Miao Village full of old traditions and good food, not commercialized too much.
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Observation Deck
酒仙老周Because of the escalation of the epidemic, after we entered the scenic spot on New Year's Eve afternoon, the Qianhu Miaozhai was closed to all tourists! Fortunately, we live in the Miaozhai! The small bus in the scenic spot only sent this class to the observation deck! A snowy New Year's Eve let us have the privilege to see the most beautiful Miaozhai style on the first day of the mouse! Traveling is actually one unforeseen encounter after another, which is why many people are happy! 👍 Recommend best: Be sure to stay in Miaozhai for one night. Be sure to choose the old scenic spot of Miaozhai and enter the homestay on the left hand side of Miaozhai! The view feels best! Another Miaozhai Hotel with net red! The night view here is excellent! Eat and enjoy the night view [view] [interest] [price/performance]
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Featured Neighborhood
心灵宫殿The ancient street corner, occasionally see the flower bloom, the most prosperous Xijiang ancient street in Xijiang Qianhu Miao Village, which is called more commercial place. In the ancient streets, many scenic local costumes and customs, such as parades and displays, often free singing and dancing performances in the reed farm can be seen, but more tourists are seen throughout the country. Walking in the ancient street, both sides are selling a wide range of Miao characteristic goods shops, the most attractive of the Miao silver shop, some villagers in the stalls, Miao Village around many villages are known as the silversmith village, almost all the village men master the silver jewelry making technology, exquisite modeling, Miao silver craft is exquisite, because the color is relatively low, the price is cheap. Along the way often can see hair plate on the top of the head, the porridge is planted with big flowers Miao. Only look is not addicted, oneself can rent a few Miao dress dress for a Miao, rent Miao dress is not expensive, and especially good-looking, very popular with the girls. Walking on the ancient street on the blue stone, each piece carries the history of the thousand-year-old Miao Village. Alley corner, occasionally see flowers, smell, flowers intoxicating, unconsciously drunk into it. Tourist Tips: Xijiang Ancient Street Address: The main pedestrian street in Qianhu Miao Village, Xijiang, Leishan County, Qiandongnan Miao and Dong Autonomous Prefecture, Guizhou Province; Tickets: No tickets are required, open 24 hours a day; Play guide: In addition to selling silver jewelry stores, there are many small shops that rent Miao costumes. You can rent them according to your preferences. They are charged by the hour. Different styles have different prices, you can bargain! Headwear and necklace earwear are matched Miao ethnic costumes, or very particular. The boss will help you wear, you can beautiful to the opposite riverside bridge photo.
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Observation Deck
梦雨maymayThe night view of Miaozhai is very beautiful. Pick up two small dishes and drink a small wine at the old village panorama restaurant near the top viewing platform. The night is cool and beautiful. It is definitely a great enjoyment on the earth! Very comfortable
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Terraced Field
睡恣@M丶The whole place of preserving the "primitive ecology" culture of Miao nationality, which is connected by more than 10 natural villages built by mountains, is the largest Miao nationality village in China and even in the world. It is a subtropical humid mountain monsoon climate, mild and humid, winter without severe cold, summer without hot summer, cool and pleasant.