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Things To Do in Leiyang

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M25***76Introduced by friends, it feels good, the original ecology, natural oxygen bar. It is that the scenery supporting facilities are very imperfect, the road sign indication is not clear, the wrong road around a long way to come out, the space to improve is very large, I hope it will get better and better. Recommended self-driving tour is good,
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City Park
移步0097This is the place where I have lived in my own hometown for more than 10 years. Now I work less in Zhongshan, Guangdong. I go back to my hometown, maybe once a year. In addition, I still have a more cordial feeling. When I think of going back, my heart is very excited. Leiyang is a man Nice place.
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Featured Neighborhood
是小张张啊It is impossible to squeeze in during the holidays. As a place for everyone to go shopping and play, I hope that there will be more food and cultural elements, and environmental control can be more strict.
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Memorial Temple
300***56After seeing Cai Lun Memorial Garden, you can also visit Cai Lun Bamboo Sea! Cailun Bamboo Sea is a 4A-level scenic spot. You can go to Guanhailou to see the waves and magnificent waves; you can taste delicious delicacies at the farmhouse; you can also stay for one night. The breeze of the bamboo sea will tell you what kindness is. Tell you what is vast!
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City Park
一泓茗茶The small island in the middle of Lei Shui is also called Huazhou and Yuanyang Island. It is said that Du Fu was trapped here and hungry by wind and rain. Now Du Fu Park has a suspension bridge leading to the center of the island. There are many children’s amusement facilities and stroll around the island. It is a good place for leisure.
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M25***83Mainly because the girl service is good, it is responsive, not bad