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Historical Architecture
_We***31nice and cozy place, great view from the bottom.of palace, only one restrictions, cant get it without a local guide
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王旭东KevinNamcuo is the second largest lake in Tibet and the third largest saltwater lake in China. The lake is 4718 meters above sea level. It is approximately rectangular in shape. It is the largest lake in the world. Namcuo is one of the three sacred lakes in Tibet. It is the first sacred lake of Buddhism and Buddhism, and is one of the famous Buddhist holy places.
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Historical Architecture
一叶落而天下知秋The Jokhang Temple, built in the 21st year of the Tang Dynasty, was built by the Tibetan King Songzanganbu in memory of the Princess of the Sage, and later built in a large group of buildings. The Jokhang Temple has the style of Tang Dynasty architecture and also absorbed the architectural art of Nepal and India.
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M48***46Must punch!! The scene is magnificent and the singing is beautiful! There are Tibetan dances, especially exotic! Beautiful!!! Well worth it!!! Must bring thick clothes when you are in the theater on the open-air mountain!!!
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Featured Neighborhood
魔女三号babykikileeBakuo Street, also known as Bajiao Street, is located in the old city of Lhasa, about ten minutes walk from the Potala Palace, is around the Jokhang Temple built a most prosperous business street in Lhasa, is around the Jokhang Temple built a most prosperous business street in Lhasa, more than 1300 years ago. Bakuo Street consists of Bakuo East Street, Bakuo West Street, Bakuo South Street and Bakuo North Street. There are many ramps in the street. There are different entrances and exits. You need to pass security check and identification cards (or carry your ID card at any time in Lhasa). Many places require identification checks to enter. Bakuo Street is a single street around the Jokhang Temple, the original streets, Tibetans called "holy road." Now developed into a combination of religious street, sightseeing street, folk street, cultural street, commercial street and shopping street. When you turn around at a certain time in the morning and evening, you will see many believers, who turn around the outer edge of the Jokhang Temple strictly in a clockwise direction. Come to Bakuo Street to taste Tibetan food, the Magi Ami Tavern is a place where many people come to punch in. In addition to all kinds of traditional Tibetan handicrafts, there are many ethnic trinkets, clothing and other sales. You can also find a photography museum, wearing special Tibetan clothes to take photos.
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lyn0919Lhasa Sala Uluya Mountain, located in the north of the hill behind the Sala Temple, the road up the mountain is dirt road, the slope is big, the curve is big, we have experienced hardships, finally came to a temple on the top of the mountain, the color of Tibetan Buddhist temple is a delight, the colorful waft with the wind, The yellow house on the top of the temple draws people close to it. Most of the temples formed on the mountain are built along the mountain, and high places are decorated with colorful Buddhist temples and shrines. Most of the interiors are dark, with colored frescoes, faint tanning lights, gold statues, each temple has its own characteristics.

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Bengbare ParkLhasa,China

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Tibet MuseumLhasa,China

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Anitsangkung NunneryLhasa,China

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Zhi GongtisiLhasa,China

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Zha YebasiLhasa,China

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Cibalakang TempleLhasa,China

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Landmark Buildings
Vacation Hotel
Reasons for Recommendation: Prominent Tibetan culture and close to the Jokhang Temple. Tangka Hotel, near Jokhang Temple Square, is only a step away from Jokhang Temple, and around a ten minute walk to the Potala Palace. The unique location makes getting around convenient. There are hand-painted Tangkas in the lobby and Tangka decorations in every floor and passageway, reflecting the richness of Tibetan culture. It is a four-story hotel with over 100 Tibetan-style guest rooms, 78 of which are fitted with oxygen making equipment, and the superior view rooms overlook the Potala Palace.
avtarTripBlog   Dec 26, 2019
Explore Nature
Cultural History
Natural Landscapes
China is an enormous country. The world’s most populous nation is a case study in contradiction. Gleaming skyscrapers dot the Shanghai skyline while the garrison at Jiayuguan has guarded the country’s western approaches since the Ming Dynasty. Time seems frozen in Shangri-La, deep in remote Yunnan Province. Beijing’s modern architecture rises above centuries old, densely-packed hutongs. Everywhere you go you find a country constantly moving towards the future yet never managing to escape its past. In this short guide, we provide our recommendations to those places that captured our imagination. Places that stuck in our heart and minds long after we left. This is our insider’s travel guide to contemporary China.
avtarTripBlog   Jan 20, 2020

Lhasa Travel Tips

About Lhasa

Lhasa, the capital city of China's Tibetan Autonomous Region, 3,650 meters above sea level, has more hours of sunlight per year than any other city, thus earning it the name "City of Sunlight". Both inside the city and on the outskirts of town there are many noble palaces and temples such as the Potala Palace, Sera Monastery, Drepung Monastery and Jokhang Temple. These historic sites are well worth going to. Wherever you look, you will see devout believers and pilgrims paying their respects. Chakpori Hill is a good place for beautiful photos of Potala Palace in the light of the early morning. At the beautiful tree-lined Zongjiao Lukang Park, you can see Potala Palace reflected in the water. On bustling Barkhor Street, you can purchase colorful, unique Tibetan souvenirs. There are many precious artifacts on display at the Tibet Museum. If you want to experience a quieter and more tranquil environment, you can go to Xianzu Island in the southern part of the city.

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Here are the best places to visit in Lhasa, including: Potala Palace,Namtso,Jokhang Temple
Trains or planes are fine.
From Ningbo by plane or train to Chengdu, then take a flight from Chengdu to Lhasa, Chengdu to Lhasa is very convenient, five or six flights a day, one and a half hours.
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