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背着尼康去旅行It is best to avoid the weekend to play comfortably, and there are fewer people during non-weekend hours. Those with poor physical fitness recommend choosing the cable car. It takes 2--3 hours to hike up the mountain one way.
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Terraced Field
永祥National Day was driven from Shenzhen to Hezhou. For various reasons, I didn't go to Qingyuan Heishan terraces and Oujia terraces. It was 4 pm to arrive at the free Heshan terraces first by driving from Hezhou to Qingyuan. Then at night hesitating whether to go to the Oujia terraces at the hotel finally decided to go, but I was not disappointed, although I had to charge the ticket, I felt like my wife and I were worth it, the Oujia terraces are bigger, more beautiful and more spectacular than the Heishan terraces and take pictures of those that are relatively mature and specialized Because it is the last day of the National Day holiday, there are few tourists on the 7th. It is very leisurely and comfortable. The black mountain terraces are primitive and it is not very convenient to drive in. The village road is narrow and can only be used by one car.
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Tea Plantation
135***23From Qinglian Expressway through the center of Liannan City, walk through a section of Provincial Highway 204 of the navigation belt, which is actually a mountain road with nine bends and eighteen bends, and came to the entrance of the Queen’s Mountain Tea Farm. The navigation prompts were brought here, but at the door. An employee who they had not yet slept told us that they had to walk up the mountain road behind the gate to the end. It turned out to be a long and dark mountain road. Finally, they reached the top of the mountain, opened a good house, and went to eat. They were the only ones on the top of the mountain. This restaurant thought there was no one, but it was not bad. Their manager Ou specially called the chef in the kitchen to cook for us and ordered a fried rice noodle and beef ball mustard soup. It tasted good. Back to the room, it should be said that their configuration It’s the best in this mountain. Meimei slept, and walked along the Chayuan Mountain Road the next morning. The air was very good, and the scenery was not beautiful, but the daze was good, breakfast, food and At night, under the enthusiastic invitation of Manager Ou, I went to their tea ceremony house to taste the self-produced and self-sold tea from their tea garden. If you came here not far away and try their organic selenium-enriched tea, it would be better not to come. Sure enough, they live up to expectations, their ice green tea is still good, but the price is a bit expensive, 100 yuan 2 taels, after a short break, back to Lianshan in the direction of Jinjin Mountain, the road conditions on this road, better than the 204 provincial road last night Walking a lot, passing the gate of Jinzi Mountain, to climb the mountain, the car can not drive up the mountain, can only be placed in the parking lot under the mountain, without going in, take the Erguang Expressway back to Guangzhou.
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_GM***49We went for the Dragon Boat Festival. It just finished raining, and the waterfall was very large, which was pretty good. Unfortunately, the scenic area was too small and it took one hour to complete the tour. The most exciting thing is that I saw a green line nearly one meter long along the mountain road. The snake climbed through the mountain road into the grass, scared us back to the original road, from the mountain road, trot all the way, staring at the road. According to the staff, they think it is ecological balance to have snakes. It is recommended that there is a road near the parking lot On the cement road, you can see the "Xu Hydropower Station" after ten minutes of walking, which is quite spectacular.
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云霓@[Scenery] Beautiful environment, close to mountains and rivers, good air quality index [Value for money] The prices of standard rooms and deluxe rooms are quite affordable, and the room hygiene is quite good. Because in the mountainous area, the hotel has intimate mosquito and insect-proof doors and windows, so there are no mosquito bites in the room. [Transportation] Convenient transportation, preferential treatment by the local government, free bus rides throughout the county, more convenient self-driving, and convenient parking throughout the resort
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Ancient Villages
D35***43La villa Yao de Liannan, a las afueras de la ciudad de Qingyuan, tiene más de 1000 años de historia. En ella, la mayoría de la población es Yao, una de las 55 minorías étnicas de China.Los Yao suman más de 2 millones y medio de habitantes en todo el país y 400.000 en Vietnam, aunque originariamente proceden de la provincia china de Hunan. Tienen su propia lengua y costumbres y suelen vivir en las zonas montañosas.

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Daxu Mountain WaterfallsQingyuan,China

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Lianshanminzu ResortQingyuan,China

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Lian Shan Oujia Titian 13 Hao Farm TourQingyuan,China

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Lian Mountain Culture SquareQingyuan,China

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Liudong Library (lianshanfenguan)Qingyuan,China

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Qingyuan Jinzi Mountain Ecological Tourism AreaQingyuan,China

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Oct 16, 2021 Lianshan Weather: Cloudy, Northeasterly Wind: 10–17 kph, Humidity: 70%, Sunrise/Sunset: 06:30/18:05
Lianshan Travel: Suitable, Umbrella: Not Required, UV Strength: Low

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