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Things To Do in Lianshui

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_We***41Beautiful!!!! The experience was amazing... will definitely visit again.
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Historical Architecture
lyn0919Huai An Fu, with a small population and beautiful scenery. The area of the mansion is large, is currently only two ancient Chinese mansions, is also the most preserved and the largest in the country. The garden cannot be closed in spring, and the ancient architecture with the style of Song and Yuan Dynasty, as if it had crossed the time and space, reaching the age of hundreds of years ago. Here is not only to appreciate the spring, but also to understand the function of the past of the palace. All kinds of unfavorable knowledge should be in the textbook, not see drops.
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Famous Residences
我是一朵云彩Before coming only know that Wu Cheng En is the Western travel chronicle of the author, then through the tour to grow knowledge, the original residence is Wu Cheng En life exhibition hall, Xuan Zhai Memorial Hall, Monkey King Shijia Art Museum, six children's studio, plus the former residence itself five parts. The whole old house is surrounded by a winding corridor, rockery, pavilion and bridge and bamboo and wood flowers, a group of elegant and elegant, quaint garden-style buildings embodying the Ming Dynasty. The showroom looks at the window displaying the "Journey to the West" part of the version. To date, Journey to the West has been translated into the writings of more than 20 countries. Journey to the West has been known as one of the "four great books" in Chinese literary history and has become a treasure in the world literary circles. Take the child with you to develop some new knowledge, can bring immeasurable effect to the child's growth.
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滇国剑客Maybe the setting here is very suitable for children to release their own nature. Diloni children's theme amusement park allows preschool children to fully embody Ding's nature without any burden.
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杰杰陶TAOThe China Water Transport Museum is the largest museum in Huai'an City, Jiangsu Province. There is no entrance fee for this museum, but the environment of this museum is very large and it is really a good museum. If possible, it is still recommended to see.
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Cultural Experiencial Area
life000There are not many people in the Jinshiyuan tourist area. It seems that there are two groups in the morning and afternoon. The scenic car takes in and out of various attractions. It takes about 2 hours. So except for the start of the two groups in the morning and afternoon, you can’t visit at other times. , The scenic area is very large and not bad. .