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Ancient Pagoda
宇喜多信家1Liaoyang landmark. Near the train station, it is easy to find. Now it is a big park, many people exercise inside, and don't need money to enter. If you have time, you can take your children to come and visit on weekends.
499 Reviews
Hot Springs Resort
233***56Many people recommend this song to me,,,,, um 😊, say,, um ヽ(○^㉨^)ノ♪, why?. Um ヽ(○^㉨^)ノ♪, sometimes a little tired people can be so good before? Okay, haha congratulations!
324 Reviews
宇喜多信家1Just a while ago, now not allowed in. Free entry. The temple is extremely spectacular, in the northeast is also second to none! The statue of Buddha inside is extremely huge, a finger is bigger than a person.
149 Reviews
Hot Springs Resort
Water Park
GavinlyIt’s a very good place for parent-child play in the water. It’s a lot of fun on weekends. Fortunately, it’s big and has a strong carrying capacity. I haven’t photographed many places. Because there are too many groups, I didn’t go to the buffet. A la carte is OK. It’s okay, the swimming equipment is not much more expensive than the outside. Xiaoyu Hot Spring is very interesting. It is 18 per person. The children have played for a long time. If you haven’t experienced it, you should try it. The outdoor hot spring on the roof is indeed very beautiful and the weather is very good. Well, it's even more contrasting. The children's naughty castle inside is also very large. It will be happier to go to a few friends. Overall, it is worth a visit
104 Reviews
Historical Site
致青春1976Early autumn morning stroll Longding Mountain, the air is fresh, especially refreshing, the mountain is still lush and lush, morning morning exercise people are increased, a circle around the mountain, refreshing, full of energy, the mood is better.
119 Reviews
宇喜多信家1I didn't expect Liaoyang also has its own museum. The collection is relatively common, but the whole history of the grasp is very good. The treasure of the town is Wang Erlie's Wanshou map, this map is very famous in Liaoyang.

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Guangyou TempleLiaoyang,China

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Longding MountainLiaoyang,China

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Liaoyang Gongchangling Wanggong Hot Spring ShuichengLiaoyang,China

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Canwo ReservoirLiaoyang,China

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Shoushan ParkLiaoyang,China

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Tianjing ParkLiaoyang,China

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Liaoyang Travel Tips

About Liaoyang

Liaoyang is located in the center of Liaoning province between the Eastern Liaoning Mountains and the Liaohe Plain. The city has over 2400 years of history and boasts a large number of historical attractions as well as picturesque scenery. Popular attractions include Baita Park, home to one of the six largest pagodas in China. The city is also famous for Guangyou Temple, which was built in the Eastern Han dynasty and was one of the first temples to be built following the arrival of Buddhism in China. The temple played a major role in the spread of Buddhism in Northeast China. Other major attractions include Liaoyang Museum, Taizi River Scenic Area, Wazi Valley, Tanghe Lake and Longmen Temple.

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Liaoyang Weather

Oct 28, 2021
4 ~ 18
Oct 29, 2021
8 / 19
Oct 30, 2021
Light Rain
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Oct 31, 2021
-2 / 11
Nov 1, 2021
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Nov 2, 2021
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Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Liaoyang
Oct 28, 2021 Liaoyang Weather: Clear, Northerly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 63%, Sunrise/Sunset: 06:13/16:49
Liaoyang Travel: Suitable, Umbrella: Not Required, UV Strength: Moderate

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Here are the best places to visit in Liaoyang, including: Bihu Hot Spring,Yishuiyuntian Hot Springs,Tanghe Holiday Water Park
You could try Bihu Hot Spring,Longding Mountain,Tangsheng Yaochi Hot Springs,Dongyang Hot Spring,Venice Hot Spring Resort in Liaoyang
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