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Things To Do in Linkou

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City Park
滇国剑客Although Nanshan Park in Linkou is not very prominent among the forest buildings in the park, the scenery in the park does not look bad. Therefore, friends who travel to Linkou will go to Nanshan Park to enjoy the beautiful scenery.
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M26***58Located in the west side of Xingnong Town, Jidong County, Heilongjiang Province, Lushan Scenic Area is about 42 kilometers away from the center of Jixi City. It is characterized by beautiful natural landscape, unique and novel human landscape, steep peaks and quiet lakes, and is a rare tourist attraction.
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Water Park
只可远观The railway station is very close, it is very convenient to take a small three-wheeler, economical and affordable, it is not very far to walk, there are many ways to play inside, the waves in the tsunami pool are also quite high, not bad
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滇国剑客Xidaquan Forest Park, at Qitai River, is equivalent to the lungs of the earth, breathing and conserving this holy soil at any time. The thick forest is like a black landscape, attracting the attention of visitors.
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M37***22The scenery of Chaihe Xiaojiuzhai is very good, there are suspension bridges, mountain waterfalls, water curtain caves, clear river water, fresh air, and water parks especially like it. I hope you will visit it next time.
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大果子The view of Ballemie is still pretty, but the entrance is too steep now, because it is actually the original exit down the mountain, really not suitable for the elderly, just walked a little far at the entrance, there are two tourists vomiting, it is too steep and too exhausting physical energy. Then the scenic area does not tell the elderly can actually go down the mountain from the other side of the exit retrograde climbing, there is relatively gentle for people with poor physical fitness to climb. Later I knew that the scenic area before the entrance and exit to adjust, in fact, because the exit is installed water slide to attract tourists, this approach is understandable, but still should be from the human-oriented perspective, after all, many tourists can not adapt to such steep mountain entrance.