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Things To Do in Linwu

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睡恣@M丶The boat with the side of the boat, in the cruise process must pay attention to the surrounding landscape oh, do not be deeply fascinated by the colorful caves, although really have such charm. During the cruise, you can see many waterfalls around, the mountains and water, and some famous attractions, such as the birthday boy, flying elephants across the river and so on.
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elsashen0529Yangtian Lake Grassland: a dead-fire Yangtian Lake Grassland Pass, a Quaternary glacial gift, with an area of 20 mu and an altitude of 1350 meters, is a bright pearl hanging from the intersection of the Yangtze River, the Pearl River and the Beijing-Zhuhai Expressway. It is also a teardrop for the writers of the free traveler, who are known as "the source of the Beijiang River".
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M22***56There are cable cars uphill, slides and glass water rafting downhill. My waist is no longer sore, my feet are no longer soft, and it’s the first time I climb a mountain so comfortable! It is very suitable for taking the elderly and children on trips, the elderly watch the scenery, and the children play on the water slide, perfect! The slide downhill and glass water rafting are highly recommended, so fun!
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_YX***40The scenery of Zhangzhou Mangshan National Forest Park is beautiful and worth going! We drive by ourselves to the East Gate, the navigation is not very familiar with the road conditions, and we often guide to the village road. The mountain road is not very good, and people who are motion sickness should be careful, there are many curves. There is a cable car directly going up to the East Gate. There is also a elevator in the scenic spot. The elevator fee is not included in the ticket, 40 yuan / person. If you come up from the West Gate scenic spot, you can't go down from the East Gate. The West Gate seems to have no cable car. If there are elderly and children, it is recommended to go to the East Gate. The scenic area needs to be further cultivated, more humanistic stories and legends, less guides and scenic commentary, I feel that the tour is not in depth.
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sinteI decided to go temporarily, and the ticket was booked on the same day. I felt in a hurry. Haha! But after I went there, I found everything was worth it. The introduction of the attraction is very detailed, the road conditions are still easy to find, and the customer service contact is also in place. It takes less than 10 minutes after the ticket is finished to call back to verify the information, and I feel that the service is still full! I traveled with my family. When I went to find that the flow of people in the scenic area began to feel quite low, the number of people began to increase greatly when the Taiwanese bus came later, and then I found that it was all aunts hahaha... The recreational facilities in the scenic area including restaurants are all There are super convenient, as well as the hidden homestay in the bamboo forest, which is really more beautiful than expected~
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Hot Springs Resort
M29***01Depart from Guangzhou South Railway Station, arrive at Chenzhou West Railway Station in 1.5 hours, and then find a local guide, Awen (caohuawen311) to charter a car for about 2 hours to Hunan Mangshan Forest Hot Spring Hotel. The superior double room includes unlimited hot springs and one breakfast (hot spring one card) One person enters, remember to bring both room cards) Environment: There are indoor and outdoor pools, steam room, children’s playground and swimming pool. There are many outdoor pools. Choose the hot spring according to your needs: Milk pool: There is a touch of milk Taste, but not strong; tea aroma a: very fragrant tea taste, the body is full of tea aroma after soaking; Mandarin duck pond: new hot spring, mandarin duck hot pot pool, the pepper and cabbage inside are all foamy, suitable for children to play; cliff hot spring: You have to take a taller staircase and go through a small waterfall. The scenery is very good, and the hot spring is smoking and the fog in the air is filled with fairy air, which is very suitable for taking pictures. At night, it is too lazy to climb so high because of the light rain. The lighting of the cliff hot spring is still good, the cliff hot spring only starts at 16:00 in the afternoon, and there are various other pools. Khan steaming: divided into high temperature room and low temperature room, there are ice towels and hot water supply outside, the wood smell in the room is very fragrant, should it be pine? (I’m not sure.) Go to sweat and steam to force the cold out of the body. Fairies with Gong Han must go to eat: Damingxuan Chinese Restaurant: Long March tofu, tofu made with purple sweet potatoes, the outside is fried and the inside is tender The taste is different from ordinary soy tofu. There is no dish brand. You need to tell the waiter that the tea fragrant mountain pit fish. The taste is actually similar to the outside. There is not much difference. Maybe it has a little more tea aroma? Braised pork ribs with taro. The ribs are a bit small but very tasty. The little fairy with a bad stomach shouldn’t eat so many sweet taro, gravy with radish. It is not recommended. It is just a clear soup with a few slices of radish. Suggestions: 1. Bring a waterproof case for your phone inside. Although it is available for sale, it is more expensive at 28RMB. 2. There are hot water and paper cups near each pool. At the same time, the staff will give you water, don’t worry about water shortage. 3. There are many farms opposite the hotel, you can eat at the farms , But we feel that the sanitation of the farm is not very good, so we did not eat it, so the taste and price are not clear. 4. When going to the hot spring, you must bring all the room cards. One person and one card enter, and each person has a cabinet.