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M22***47The little elephant can only take two people in a car, you can drive at medium speed to see the scenery on both sides. When you arrive at the entrance of the Grand Canyon, you can rest a little. It is still better to enter the Grand Canyon on hot days. It is cool and even a bit cold. You must bring a coat to the children and the old people.        We walked very slowly because of the children, the scenery in the cave is beautiful, the magic of nature makes the scenery in the valley full of mystery. The most worthwhile is the dark river rafting, the water in the canyon is very clear, many tourists come to experience the dark river rafting. Drifting is 60 yuan a person, children can half price, the whole journey has 1000 meters. The whole rafting process is up and down, thrilling, can be the deep and intangible reflection of the deep inside the cave. Must bring a suit, or a disposable raincoat, because the rafting is over, basically will be wet.           Life is full of scenery, hope that the next day, can take you two sisters out to see more.
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柒778I was lucky to take the time to take a self-driving tour with my family. The second stop, Zhuquan Village, Junan County. Listen to me, if the time is ample and the budget is ok, you must live in the self-operated homestay in Zhuquan Village scenic spot! ! ! Zhuquan Village scenic area is 9:5, in other words, the "extraordinary Taoyuan" under the night only for the tourists in the scenic area overnight, how, really fragrant [ spit] the scenery is like the picture, not much to describe. Tell me about other experiences: The “Bamboo Rice Restaurant” in the scenic spot, 40+ per person per point, the products are ok, enough to be happy. Breakfast is also eaten here, then it is normal. We live in the qifengyuan, the core attraction "zhuquan" spring eye location is very close, a time to go out of ear. Drinking the remaining mineral water bucket, went to play the spring twice, brewed the green tea with the room in the homestay, enjoyed the view outside the floor-to-ceiling window, swept the exhaustion of the journey, and also lost my sleep that night: (a line of six people, with the old (60) to help the young (5 years old + 9 months), are very happy, Only sauce~ "Zhuquan Village Tourism Resort"
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_We***12Summer self-driving tour through navigation to Ginza Tianmeng Scenic Area, through the preparation of the strategy in advance, after coming, the actual feeling is better! It takes about 5 hours to climb the mountain, cableway, glass trestle, etc., but be prepared for sunscreen in summer! The scenery is unique here!
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D26***50beautiful near to nature peaceful i want to visit this place often highly recommend.
1,787 Reviews
Hot Springs Resort
M41***49Outdoor hot springs, large and small hot springs, and amusement parks. I was going to take my children to play with the surf pool, but I did not play the pool on the day. The playground is general, there are very few facilities, a little old. Overall, it is still good, you can play for a long time with children. There are also places to swim.
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Botanical Garden
E54***11it’s very nice and I have enjoyed linyi city is good business city linyi have nice people also very friendly and kind

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Lishanjian Baihe Ecological ParkLinyi,China

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Heavenly Kingdom Scenic AreaLinyi,China

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Shandong Tianyu Museum of Natural HistoryLinyi,China

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Linyi Science and Technology MuseumLinyi,China

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Tianfo Tourist AreaLinyi,China

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Linyi International Movie CityLinyi,China

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Linyi Travel Tips

About Linyi

Yimeng Mountain in Shandong's Linyi is a famous mountainous area in the southeastern part of Shandong. Mixing the beautifully raw scenery of northern China with the south's "fish and rice" (a Chinese way of saying "the Garden of Eden"), this is a stunning place. The rolling hills in the northern part are known as a natural oxygen bar. The southern part's Central Plain has sheaves of wheat that gently sway in the wind. A beautiful and elegant "Song of Yimeng Mountain” does an excellent job of evoking the imagery of Linyi with just a few words. Linyi is also a city with a profound historical and cultural heritage. Yinqueshan Han Tomb Bamboo Slips Museum has ancient copies of Sun Tzu's “The Art of War” and Sun Bin's “Art of War”, which were unearthed in 1972. The Former Residence of Wang Xizhi and the Xunzhi Tomb are also famous cultural tourism sites in Linyi.

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Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Linyi
Sep 16, 2021 Linyi Weather: Cloudy, Northeasterly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 46%, Sunrise/Sunset: 05:50/18:13
Linyi Travel: Suitable, Umbrella: Not Required, UV Strength: Moderate

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Here are the best places to visit in Linyi, including: Underground Great Canyon,Bamboo Spring Village,Yinzuotianmeng Scenic Area, Yimeng Mountain
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