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derricWang Xiangyan Scenic Area is located on the south side of Taihang Grand Canyon and compared with Taohua Valley, there is no delicate and beautiful Taohua Valley, but there are a lot of rough and geographical location, climbing all the way, the physical strength consumption is very large, the physical energy requirements are also relatively high, but it is also very interesting, there is a hanging plank road, There are also circular rollers, although climbing the hills, but full of fun, the waterfalls in the middle are flowing and beautiful
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Water Conservancy Project
139***13In the 1960s, 100, 000 people who opened the mountain lasted ten years. The cliffs pierced stones and dug canals for thousands of miles, and placed a flag of the Chinese nation's spirit in the taihang yan. Red flag canal, located in Linzhou City, Anyang, Henan Province, is known as the "eighth wonder of the world." It was the project of the people of Linxian County (now Linzhou city) in 1960s, under extremely difficult conditions, from the side of Taihang Mountain, which was called "artificial Tianhe". The red flag canal project started in February 1960, and completed in July 1969, which lasted nearly ten years. The project has leveled 1250 hills, erected 151 aqueducts, dug 211 tunnels, built 12408 buildings, dug 22.25 million cubic meters of earth and stone, the total length of the main trunk channel of the Red Banner Canal 70.6 km, the distribution of the trunk channel branches of the townships. It is calculated that if these earth and stone walls are built to be 2 meters high and 3 meters wide, they can run north and south through the motherland, bypassing Beijing, linking Guangzhou and Harbin. On Taihang Mountain, which has the "the best scenery of Beixiong", the red flag canal is like a blue ribbon winding. Its engineering is arduous, the engineering aesthetic value is high, it is a miracle on earth, and it forms a unique red flag canal scenery. The red flag canal tourism golden line is divided by the red flag canal water garden and youth. The cave scenic area is composed. Fen Shui Yuan scenic area, the Red Banner Canal main trunk canal to this divide into three trunk canals, south to north extension Linzhou hinterland. On April 5, 1965, the Red Banner Canal main trunk canal completed the water celebration here. In the main axis landscape belt distribution of water science park, the pillar of spirit, The performance square, the monument of the Red Banner Canal, the Cuibai of the Zhongnanhai Water Split Project, the Red Banner Canal Water Split Project and the Red Banner Canal General Drain, the One Drain, the Two Drain, etc., together with the Red Banner Canal Memorial Hall, constitute the landscape community combining virtual reality, showing the modern and simple style.
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一叶落而天下知秋The whole canyon is light smoked and winding like a fairyland, layers of folding and folding become more remarkable, thousands of rocks and thousands of cliffs are more quiet, green mountains, clear streams, flying waterfalls, far mountains light makeup, light dance, the temperature in the mountains is 10 degrees lower than the temperature below the mountain, comfortable and cool.
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_M1***65Can this low-level water fight be effectively guided? Before the drifting all wait for an hour in the dumplings, waiting for the water to rise, everyone starts to play boring water fight. I don't know where the fun is, I have been watered in my ears for no reason, and I have been unable to hear when I go home. I am soaked. I hope that the scenic area can strengthen management, the overall feeling is that management is too bad. Can I go up one by one? Drifting has played a lot, so the first is wolves. In short, hope to get better and better.
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yangniziYouth Cave is one of the main works of the Red Banner Canal, located in the west of Lujiaguai Village, Rencun Town, under the Niulingshan Village, from the ghost axes, steep and cut face of the small ghost. The name of the cave was named "youth cave" because the commando team who participated in the drilling was 300 excellent youths drawn from the migrant workers in the whole county.
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M39***77The original natural scenic area, lush grass, look up full of lush green, the natural world of people are refreshing. The water flowing, the stream flowing water show the fun. "From the Guantao, however, it was more than two hours' drive, and the hills and hills that we saw along the way, which was enough to excite the inhabitants of the plains, and a mountain was coming to our eyes, and it was a great balance, I think, as the wheels advanced, and a mountain was coming to our eyes, and it was a great balance, " This could be Tianping Mountain. The vehicle turned a few bends, "Tianping Mountain" three words appeared in front of the eyes, arrived. Although it is a holiday, but mountain climbers are not many, pick up the grade and up, found a mulberry, just at the ripe stage of fruit, put out a few picks into the mouth, that sour sweet taste straight into the heart, can not help but to pick again. Mountain wind habits, eliminate summer inflammation, really burst. The sound of the running water came, looked carefully, in the two mountains between the formation of a gorge, a small stream, bent to lift a handful, cool feeling through the skin, spread around, as if a cold bath. The sky is so blue, high between the peaks floating silk white clouds, Tianping Mountain, the name is true! along the stream all the way, the stones on both sides attracted me. Tianping Mountain strange rocks in a thousand appearances, tourists stopped to take pictures, we also found a huge stone, climbed up to stand high, really a mountain high man-made peak pride. Five Dalian Waterfalls arrived, five waterfalls hanging on the mountain wall, like five white white training, decorated the mountains with different taste. The best is climbing the monkey ladder, intelligent people opened a z on the cliff.

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About Linzhou

Linzhou is situated in the far north of Henan province at the eastern end of the Taihang Mountains. It is close to the border with Shandong and Hebei provinces. Linzhou is famous for its Red Flag Canal, which was dug by local residents in the 1960s. Other well-known attractions include Taihang Gorge and Huanghua Mountain. The city is also known for its builders, who work on construction projects all over China.

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Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Linzhou
Oct 20, 2021 Linzhou Weather: Clear, Northeasterly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 94%, Sunrise/Sunset: 06:35/17:43
Linzhou Travel: Suitable, Umbrella: Advised, UV Strength: Very Low

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Here are the best places to visit in Linzhou, including: Taihang Grand Canyon Scenic Area,Red Flag Canal,Hongqiqu Youth Cave
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