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Things To Do in Longan

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308 Reviews
Nature Reserve
National Park
神经蛙9527For half price tickets, the price is OK, for full price tickets can only be regarded as the IQ tax, the overall interactive experience is not as good as Hainan Nanwan Monkey Island. The whole scenic area is divided into three parts, that is, three watching monkeys feeding monkeys gathering place. If you don't buy a ticket, you can return to the original road, and you can't see a monkey water performance for two hours.
21 Reviews
轻轻的一个蚊In 1973, the barrage was elevated by a bridge, and a 250-kilowatt hydropower station was built under the dam. The water source of the river gushes from the foot of the mountain and is inexhaustible all year round. The green water flows constantly, the mountains are clear and the water is beautiful, and the scenery is beautiful. The typical Kashgar topography is called "Little Guilin". The river is clear here. Take a bamboo raft to browse the Buquan River. On both sides of the river, there are magnificent forests and green mountains, and the countryside is like green... Here you can ride, hike, climb mountains, tiankeng exploration, camping, fishing... a good place for a weekend getaway! When the spring flowers bloom in March each year, thousands of acres of buckwheat flowers here are in full bloom, and they are pure white, standing there as if in the ice and snow.
24 Reviews
Ancient Settlement
_We***45As a native of Yanjiang, I really feel that the old house in the past has the original flavor, but now the exterior wall is repainted, it is not the same as before. Proper repair is necessary, but it has changed. The street used to be super lively, it’s all memories from my childhood, but I still hope that my hometown will get better and more beautiful
12 Reviews
暗夜逍遥One afternoon in August, I experienced thrilling drifting again. The rafting this time was different from the past. Without the company of the boatman, we had our own direction in the whole process. Everyone put on life jackets and hard hats. On the kayak, the self-driving tour began. The water of the Lushui River is deep in some places, deep invisible, and in some places very shallow, where many rocks can be seen. It is tense and thrilling once drifting, and it ends in joy, very happy
18 Reviews
隆安小黄旅游Surprisingly, there is no comment, because I am a local and I often go there. It is not a rainy season or there is no lake, but a natural pasture. The buckwheat flower is two seasons a year from March to March, December to January. The air is good, you can go for a walk and see the cows and sheep.
1 Reviews
Expansion training Base
zhongruhuaThe child is very happy to go there. It is a great place where the child can learn a lot and will go back when he has a chance.

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Nale Valley Parent-Child Theme ParkNanning,China

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Gengwang LakeNanning,China

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Yuntai Mountain of LingyunNanning,China

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Yanjiang Ancient TownNanning,China

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Diecheng SquareNanning,China

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Jinsui Ecological ParkNanning,China

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Oct 25, 2021 Longan Weather: Clear, Northeasterly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 95%, Sunrise/Sunset: 06:50/18:16
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Here are the best places to visit in Longan, including: Longhushan Nature Reserve,Buquan River,Yanjiang Ancient Town
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