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Things To Do in Longchuan

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江湖一秀才Don't underestimate this place, but it is one of the longest historical cities in the Lingnan area, but now it is far from the big cities, and it is almost forgotten. There is still some distance between Tuocheng and Longchuan County, but the passenger shuttle bus from Heyuan will get off the expressway ahead of time and pass through the intersection of the ancient city. Perhaps there are not many tourists who come to visit, pacing on the slightly deserted street seems more historical. The scenic spots are scattered in several places in the ancient city, blending into the lives of local people, and are particularly harmonious.
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M42***06As a Kunming native, attracted by the scenery of Huoshan, he actually climbed Huoshan three times! "The crane in Yanli welcomes the guests, and the monks in the wall record the old questions. In 13 years, 17 years, and 2020, three climbs to Huoshan, I have the honor to witness the development process of the seventh most famous mountain in Guangdong ~ Huoshan, I believe that Huoshan will change tomorrow it is good!!!"
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Rock Monument
小灣子小六The closest scenic spot in Longchuan County to the urban area is the water hole. The stone-ground tofu flowers at the bottom of the mountain are memorable. The uphill route is steep, and some sections of the stone road have steep slopes. The last picture is not of a puddle, it was taken along the river road.
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Water Conservancy Project
Nature Reserve
好好生活日日向前Fengshuba Reservoir, also known as Qinglong Lake, is located in the north of Longchuan County. Fengshuba Reservoir is a water conservancy project. The reservoir area is surrounded by green mountains, lush forests, birds flying and cranes, fresh air and quiet environment. As if in a fairyland on earth.
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翼儿爱自由I will love it when I go to Heyuan Yeyuan Hot Spring, because Heyuan Yeyuan Hot Spring is located in the national 4A level tourist area and hot spring area, surrounded by green vegetation, fresh air, and high negative ion content. Because it is located in the Hakka family, so the hot spring is mainly Hakka style, authentic Hakka cuisine, Hakka enclosures are full of rich Hakka flavor. The unique design of the hot spring area, the variety of hot springs, the fragrance of flowers, and a river source first wave pool, the sea waves lifelike, stimulating fun. Perhaps it is the reason that people don't know it, there are no other hot springs crowded, three or two confidants take the pool, chat and laugh, enjoy rare quiet. Address: Liangtian Village, Huangtian Town, Dongyuan County, Heyuan
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M12***89Very good air environment services are good, the theme is unique, the environment is very good, the air is fresh, you can climb the mountain directly, and I feel good. The most commendable thing is that the service attitude is very good, warm and friendly! Will come again if there is a chance

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Hexi Hot SpringHeyuan,China

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Xiaoyin ParkHeyuan,China

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Zhiqing Buluo Longfei ResortHeyuan,China

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Longchuan Huilong Tiyu ParkHeyuan,China

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Fengshen Culture SquareHeyuan,China

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Fengshu (Maple Tree) Dam ReservoirHeyuan,China

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About Longchuan

Longchuan (龙川) is located in the northeast of Guangdong Province, in the upper reaches of the Dong and Han Rivers. The county falls under the administration of Heyuan City, and is one of the four oldest counties in Guangdong. Longchuan enjoys beautiful surroundings, and is rich in both culture and tourism resources. The region is home to the natural landscapes of Mount Huo, the Shuikeng Ecological Scenic Area and the Fengshuba Dam, as well as cultural sites such as Tuocheng, Xiata and Longtan Temple.

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Here are the best places to visit in Longchuan, including: Heyuan Tuocheng,Heyuan Longchuan Huoshan,Shuikeng
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