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Things To Do in Longde

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旅游达人000001The location of the scenic spot is on the road from Lund to Guyuan, about 15 kilometers away from Lund. If you walk from Guyuan, you will pass the gate of Liupan Mountain, which is Yangjiadian Village. It takes about an hour and a half. At the entrance of the scenic spot, I went from Guyuan today. I just opened the door when I went, and now I am free of tickets. It would cost 30 yuan for a round trip to the scenic spot. It’s about 7 kilometers to the top of the mountain. The Red Army trail was not opened because of fire prevention. 2.5 kilometers, meaning the 25,000-mile Long March, Liupan Mountain was the last mountain that the Red Army surpassed after joining forces in Huining. Then it entered Jiangtaipu and Tongxin all the way to Wuqi Town, where Chairman Mao wrote the famous " "Qingpingle Liupan Mountain", this monument is on the top of the mountain, but it is more than 2700 meters above sea level. There are squares, memorials and monuments throughout the scenic area. It is very valuable for learning. It is good to visit for 2-3 hours. If you have time, you can also Conglong De took a car to the place where the Red Army of Xiji Jiangtaibao last met. There are still a lot of red tours in this area, or if it is troublesome, you can also charter a car to Lund. If you go to Guyuan, just get off at the scenic spot. Longde’s greetings to the bus station, just wait at the entrance of the bus station. Picture one is the sign of Liupanshan at the entrance of the scenic spot, picture two is the visitor center, picture three and picture four square sculpture, picture five is the statue of Chairman Mao in the memorial hall, picture six is the whole square. Picture 9 will be the last meeting of the Red Army in Taipu, the last picture is the Liupanshan Highway, which is the only way from Guyuan to Longde
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老少皆宜程Many TV stations now broadcast the TV drama "Mountain and Sea". The drama re-enacted the arduous journey of the Xihaigu region of Ningxia to escape poverty, and was popular. I traced the 2018 trip to Guyuan and Liupanshan in Ningxia, now Xihai Gu is not the same.
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M68***22Mountain climbing, physical strength is still very needed. Remind everyone that the fare in Trip.com tickets is from Luangu Town to Zhongtai, or Xiangshan, not at the gate of the scenic spot. The bus on the 13th road at the gate of the scenic spot directly reaches the bus, and you can buy tickets for 110 yuan / person in the peak season! Slow down the mountain for 40 minutes is enough, up the mountain plus play estimated 3 hours not rushed.
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M42***81Quiet lotus leaves and Dingdong spring water make people feel refreshed! The scenery is particularly good, making people linger. In the evening, I stayed at Guyuan 3 Best Vienna Hotel (Guyuan Canopy). It was good, the room was clean and the service was good! Recommended!
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娴雅小溪The Old Alley Scenic Area, located at the foot of Liupan Mountain in Longde County, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, is a new type of folk culture village reconstructed on the basis of the original Hongya Village. There are five alleys from east to west and one alley from north to south.
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Amusement Park
M47***75There is no ticket here, go directly into the park. The combined ticket 128 is more cost-effective, the roller-skating rink buys tickets separately, the Rapids enter need to buy 15 yuan raincoat + towel. The queue time for the roller-coaster is about an hour. You can go early when there are fewer people. The naughty castle is bigger. Half of the rides are played by adults, half are designed for children. The flying chair is an upgraded and strengthened version, heart disease, seniors are not suitable, and feel dizzy. There are restaurants in it, and there are many restaurants within 700 meters nearby. The Ferris wheel is oversized, and it feels like you can see it anywhere in the city. There are no more people playing here, so the queue is not that long. The annual ticket here is only 365, which is super cost-effective. The Guyuan accommodation fee is not expensive. I feel very satisfied overall.

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Laoxiangzi Sceneic AreaGuyuan,China

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Wuhuatang GalleryGuyuan,China

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Longdepanlong VillaGuyuan,China

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Liupanshan Rare Botanical Garden (Northwest Gate)Guyuan,China

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Liupanshan Changzheng Scenic AreaGuyuan,China

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Qingliangsi MountainGuyuan,China

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Here are the best places to visit in Longde, including: Liupanshan Changzheng Scenic Area,Longdepanlong Villa,Sanshan Park
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