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Things To Do in Longjing

120 Reviews
付付Interesting and fun, the game of the braver of the glass suspension bridge, the cowardly don't enter, played the rainbow slide, the children are very happy. Because there are no flowers in this season, the scenery will be more beautiful in September. Everyone has already made an appointment to see 🌸 in the fall. Trip.com has a better price and will come again.
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Glass Skywalk
滇国剑客The water here forms an i-scenic bay area and becomes an inner bay. The bay road filters the turbulent power of the waves, so that the energy that originally had sufficient water potential softens into a charming scenery here.
Nearby City
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E64***61A bit outside the city but easy to access by public bus. It is well worth the trip to the top. Beautiful view of the city and surrounding area.
15 Reviews
Water Park
369284985The water projects in the scenic area are not bad, the water quality is clear, not too expensive, and the price/performance ratio is okay. The quality of the food in the scenic area is too low. If you eat fried noodles, you don't need to say how much it is. It is actually cold, not even fried. A customer asked for a piece of fish, which has not been defrosted.
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Outdoor skiing
小小康I still want to skate after I have a stroke. I always have to go for a skating if I have a chance. But I must make sure to take care of my safety. I fell once before and now my crotch is still a bit uncomfortable. Although it has been a long time, there are so many people.
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Water Park
雪林漫游者It would be nice to have such a place in Yanji, the temperature is good, not cold, and many services and management can be strengthened. Hunchun's Butterfly Island should be better than this if it is open