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Things To Do in Longxi

72 Reviews
Memorial Temple
M43***98Last time with family go together, Lijialong Palace is now better and better, antique architecture is refreshing, Lijialong Palace inside the building witness the history of the West, I hope that the West will develop better and better after the West.
47 Reviews
Historical Architecture
吴立珍Located in the center of Xiangxi County, Weiyuan Tower is a famous ancient building on the Xiangxi, it is magnificent Weiyan, Qiaowei extraordinary, standing in the center of Xiangxi Dacheng Shizi, the surrounding wall is dismantled after the founding of the country, here is still the ancient building group, worth to go.
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Water Park
M35***08The entertainment facilities are complete, the service attitude is very good, and the hot springs are very comfortable. Every time you go to the hot springs, you can soak for a long time. It is very comfortable to come out. The body is light. The entertainment facilities are very exciting. It is very refreshing to play, especially good! ! ! !
11 Reviews
Historical Architecture
M29***62Renshou Mountain is located in a Huali southwest of Longxi County, Gansu Province. It covers an area of 882 acres, runs east-west, and has an elevation of 2057 meters.
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M26***58Luban Mountain, with the state key cultural relics protection unit - water curtain cave connected to the famous mountain. Sitting 20 kilometers northeast of Wushan County, Gansu Province, is the ancient and modern military home, the Central Plains to the western region of the ancient Silk Road, one of the ancient Ningyuan scenic spots.