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我的世外桃源Guanshan Grassland (Guanshan Grassland) is located in the southwest of Qixian County, Baoji City, Shaanxi Province, and in the west is Malu Township, Zhangjiachuan Hui Autonomous County, Tianshui City, Gansu Province. It is 134 kilometers away from Baoji City and 300 kilometers away from Xi'an City. It is the only provincial wind with European style dominated by alpine meadow in the inland area of northwest China. Scenic Area, National AAAA Class Tourist Scenic Area. Scenic Area is rich in natural landscapes such as forests, grasslands, rivers, mountains and valleys, simple nature and spectacular, enjoy the reputation of "Little Tianshan".
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Taoist Temple
扶疏子Longmen Cave, named Lingxianyan in ancient times, is a habitat for Taoists. In the stele, Longmen Cave "begins in the Spring and Autumn Period and was built in the Western Han Dynasty". According to reports, Zhou Yin Xi, a doctor, abandoned his post and returned to the mountain, hiding the fairy rock. Mr. Lou Jing in the Han Dynasty changed his name to Jingfu Mountain after living in seclusion. Sun Simiao, a medical scientist in the Tang Dynasty, lived in seclusion and used medicine to help the world. In the Yuan Dynasty, Qiu Chuji came to live here from Baoji Fengxi. It was called Longmen Mountain at that time. At the foot of the mountain, there was only one Yuwang Temple dedicated to Dayu's water management. It was later changed to Longmen Cave, and Qiu was also the founder of the Taoist Longmen School after adding the landscape.
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135***02At the weekend of friends’ invitation, 7 people and 2 cars came to Guanshan Datang Private Ranch in Long County, Baoji! Attention! It's Datang Private Ranch and not Guanshan Ranch! What impressed me the most here is horse riding! There are no herders leading the horse, driving freely! Really experienced the joy of riding!
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扶疏子The natural scenery here is secluded by valleys, forests to see blooms, waters to show beauty, clouds to gods, the park has a unique meteorological landscape, and the vegetation is distributed in vertical bands. Bitans and waterfalls contrast each other, ancient trees towering over the sky, and grasslands. It is vast and soft, with horses everywhere, and is known as the "Oriental Alps".
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扶疏子Leiyin Mountain Scenic Spot is located in Fanjiaying Village, Tiancheng Town, Long County, Baoji City. Fei Zi Ma Ma, Liu Fang Qian Qiu, Shang Shu's Hometown, Outstanding People, Ancient Silk Road, Xiongguan Lock Key, Guanshan Night Moon, Xian Pu Ming Xuan, among the eight scenic spots in Longzhou. The scenic spot is located in the golden triangle of Baoji, Tianshui and Pingliang, 86 kilometers away from Baoji City.
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About Longxian

Long County is located in Baoji City in Shaanxi Province. The county gets its name from being situated along the eastern slope of Long Mountain. The county’s Guanshan Grassland is the only alpine grassland in the northwest of China’s inland regions. The province-level scenic areas have a continental flair. The county is also home to natural landscapes such as mountain chains, valleys, forests, and grasslands. Not only can tourists view the European-style grasslands, they can also take part in horseback archery for relaxation and exercise.

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Here are the best places to visit in Longxian, including: Guanshan Grasslands,Longmen Cave,Guanshan Datang Private Ranch
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