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Things To Do in Luanxian

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Ancient Settlement
139***13Enter the ancient city of Jingzhou in Tangshan, not into the tourist attractions, but into another state of life, Jingzhou ancient city has the northern Jiangnan water, the Chinese shadow art, the Chinese drama art of the town of the beautiful name. It is a north style water town, named after the Huaihe River, as early as Liao Dynasty, there is the old site of the ancient city of Huaizhou, now the ancient city is rebuilt and rebuilt, "from the ancient Jingdong unparalleled land, from the first state of Kansai", is a historical city that experienced the nourishing culture of the millennium, The ancient street is the style of the building, a small river twisting in the city, and let the ancient city has the charm of the south of the Yangtze River, become "North small river south." The ancient city retro buildings are numerous, high ancient gates, chic small bridge, quiet flowing water, river banks willows. Visiting the ancient city can be along the waterway or boat rides, the streets are equipped with rickshaws, monkeys, biking for tourists, experience the novelty of different vehicles. The specialty Chess Biscuits are famous specialty snacks in Tangshan area of Hebei Province. It is named because of the appearance of a small drum and a chess piece. It is said that it is not greasy but is loved by people. It is said that during the 1960s when Premier Zhou visited Poland, he sent people to Tangshan to buy chess pieces Biscuits as a national gift. To the foreign guests.
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mlylanThe air is good, natural oxygen, not many tourists, not high altitude, can burn incense pray! Dragon Boat Festival holiday, mulberry ripe! There are walnut trees, maple trees! There are peacock monkeys and other animals!
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M13***47Inside it takes a lot of pictures like ~ very good place ~ price can also have some things in the 70s and 80s ~ worth remembering ~ There are textile machines and grinding disks very worth seeing ~
Nearby City
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微随遇心而安This attraction is particularly suitable for children. The design of the steps is very reasonable. It is a slow step. It is always running with water. It is fun and not tired. There are many entertainment facilities. The playability is very good. The sound control fountain is very special. 10 yuan can be experienced. The louder the sound, the higher the spray. There are glass paths and aerial shooting points, 30 people, no half price. There are drought slides and air ropeways down the mountain. Those with children under the age of 16 can only choose the slide, which is safer, 30 people. There are also jungle rafting, 50 people, more standing platoons, no experience. In short, the scenery is very beautiful, climb not tired, all the way to talk and laugh.
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leadarzThe performances of local operas are very level, the actors are hardworking and skilled, visitors can interact at will, and the local colors are strong. I went to see the show for three nights.
Nearby City
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Ornamental Hot spring
眼泪琥A must see the stunt show... It's very beautiful! It's almost like Universal Studios' future water world... There are children's water park and hot springs... It is recommended to buy a joint ticket... After playing in the water park, I have enough to go to the beach, it's good to wash the hot springs and eat self-service! Haha! The arrangement is clear and full...the premise is that you must go early... There are more thieves in the peak season and holidays... When you enter the door, buy a small train ticket, it will be much easier! Go to the hot spring and bring your own waterproof bag (which is quite expensive inside), Hey,