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Things To Do in Luqu

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National Park
山在穷游Recently, another family went to Gannan trip, he went to me where the most worth to see, I introduced him to the traditional Zhalong there is Langmu Temple, there is a focus on the introduction, on this line will be many people overlooked Bohai Lake. There are many features of Chinese lakes, and the biggest feature of Bohai Lake, I think is primitive. Because there is no overexploitation, there is no too much fame, just a lake, standing here quietly, some people will compare it with Huahai Lake. I would say it's more cost-effective than the latter, and of course it all depends on a good weather.
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Geological Sites
轻快的行走脚步Zecha Stone Forest is a good scenic spot in Gannan area! Canyons, forests, mountain peaks, etc. constitute the spectacular scenery of Zecha Stone Forest! Drive here, be surrounded by nature, and fully experience the charm of Zecha Stone Forest!
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山在穷游Langmu Temple is not a temple, Gandan Saichi Temple is a temple many people who have not come to Langmu Temple thought that Langmu Temple is a temple, in fact, it is just a place name, he is a small town on the border between Gansu and Sichuan. There are two temples in this town, Gandan Sai Chi Temple is located in Gansu Province in the Shanglangmu Temple. The whole temple is still quite magnificent, compared to the Langmu Temple in Sichuan, but it is more concentrated, and standing here can have a sense of condescension, the higher you can walk the farther you can see, even the whole Langmu Temple town overlooked. I stayed here for a long time, from Optimus to the cloud, even rain, because at different times, different weather, the view is different. Friends of faith can take a look around here and worship Buddha, but be careful of something taboo.
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滇国剑客Redstone rock and this temple building are inseparable landscape area, perhaps through long years of accumulation, just have the redstone rock landscape line, this history is earlier than the redstone rock age scenery, just attractive.
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Historical Site
轻快的行走脚步The famous Xicang Temple in Gannan area, the temple is a characteristic Tibetan style temple, the Xicang Temple surrounded by mountains is very spectacular! Not many people come here, you can visit the charm of Tibetan Buddhist culture here!
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钟爱白咖The sea is 3,400 meters above sea level in Luqu County, the largest freshwater lake in Gannan and one of the largest wetlands in the eastern end of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and an important water supply area in the upper reaches of the Yellow River. Follow the stone road and wooden plank road north of Bohai Sea, walk from the grassland to the lake, the end of the plank has two floors of viewing platform, up to the lake can look at the deep blue mirror water and snow peaks in the distance. The sea of September has been wiped out the green coat, quietly lying under the sky, grass golden, fragrance fragrance, everywhere is the unique color of autumn, here all is pure and natural. Being in it, all the time can feel the warm and deep power. Holy Bohai, Haizi on the plateau, is a tear drop down the earth... Address: Bohai Town, Luqu County, Gannan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Gansu Province (about 50 kilometers south of Luqu County) Opening Time: 8:00-21:00 Tickets: Free Tips before the end of 2021: 5 yuan for self-driving parking; There is no obstruction along the way, pay attention to sunscreen; you must also be warm in autumn. #Mid-Autumn National Day holiday punch card #Nature's wonders #Discover the color of the journey

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Gannan Gahai Migratory Birds Nature ReserveGannan,China

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Zecha Stone ForestGannan,China

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Red Stone CliffGannan,China

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Langmu Si Jingqu-Yi CollegeGannan,China

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Gandansaichi TempleGannan,China

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lang mu si ge sang ma duiGannan,China

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Oct 23, 2021 Luqu Weather: Cloudy, Northeasterly Wind: 10–17 kph, Humidity: 32%, Sunrise/Sunset: 07:22/18:27
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Here are the best places to visit in Luqu, including: Gahai,Zecha Stone Forest,Gandansaichi Temple
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