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Things To Do in Lushan

771 Reviews
M33***01Worth visiting, beautiful scenery, strange peaks, Tianhuan path, mountain stream, it is the only 5A scenic spot in our Pingding Mountain, we are 5.1 go, there are many people but not full. I would like to advise friends to go, if you are not particularly strong, the scenic area round-trip transportation, the uphill mountain ropeway, the downhill slide, must consume, it will make you worth the money, otherwise you will be tired and doubt life, I just did not choose to take the slide down the mountain, walk down, the legs are soft, A few days ago. Must go down the mountain and take the green dragon back, Jiuqu waterfall, first slide and then walk, that the hanging plank must go, I am also afraid of heights, almost gave up to choose another safe route, that scenery is the essence of Lushan, must not be missed. Going in different seasons, the beauty of Lushan is different. I would like to see the cloud sea of Lushan, but it is not easy to meet, and I will have the opportunity to go again in the future. The only suggestion is that the stairs next to the slide need to be repaired, and the handrail can be added to be perfect.
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Hot Springs Resort
M41***15Good value for money, fun and fun, good scenery, overall awesome, the children do not want to go at the end of the play, the experience is very good, there will be time to go again, the most fun hot springs that have been to so far.
96 Reviews
Featured Neighborhood
最帅的帅哥啊After driving down the highway at Yaoshan, you need to drive again. More than ten to 20 minutes. Inside is as much fun as an amusement park, but it was closed when we went. The night view at night is also very good. Accommodation nearby is also very convenient.
163 Reviews
Hot Springs Resort
浅河木子Not many people went there on October 27, and the water was very clean. The key is to enjoy the beautiful scenery under the blue sky and white clouds while soaking in the hot springs, with the singing of birds in your ears. It feels great!
347 Reviews
后田讨海人The tallest Buddha in the world is located in the Yaoshan Central Plains Buddha Scenic Area in Lushan County, Pingdingshan City, Henan Province. The Buddha statue is 108 meters high, with a total height of 208 meters including the base. The casting of the Buddha statue consumes 108 kilograms of gold and 3,300 tons of copper. There are many celebrities in Lushan County. The famous thinker Mo Zi during the Spring and Autumn and Warring States Period and Niu Gao, a famous general under Yue Fei of the Southern Song Dynasty, are all from here. The hateful thing is that the tickets are too expensive, one person costs 120 oceans.
22 Reviews
Water Park
PrincessttThere are some entertainments in the park, it is very exciting, I am not familiar with water, I visited last summer, also with children, she was not happy, I still don't dare to play something