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Things To Do in Lushui

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enjoyzentAfter watching the unique scenery on both sides of the Nu River, I continued to ride along the Nu River. After passing through the tunnel, I saw the mysterious Nu River Bridge on National Highway 318. The Nu River Bridge is located between Bangda Town and Basu County. You can see the 72nd turn of the Nu River within a short distance. It straddles the fast-flowing Nu River with steep cliffs on both sides. It is hard to imagine the difficulty of building a bridge between such cliffs in the 1950s.
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坐着火车去旅行!All the years are in Liku Town, Lishui City, Nujiang Prefecture. It is too hot in spring and summer. The average temperature of the hot longer is about 34. Winter is not very cold, but the mountain near Gaoligong and Biluo Snow Mountain is cold and will snow. Incoming Liuku is to see the original ecology of the Nujiang Grand Canyon.
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坐着火车去旅行!The Lingshan Temple in Lushui City, Nujiang Prefecture, Yunnan Province, is an outstanding man. Sitting at the traffic light fork of the Laowo River estuary in Jiangdong, the gate of Lingshan Temple is reached through the Linjiang Bridge. Lingshan Temple was founded by Chen Shihua, a Fujianese. The temple is usually quiet and leisurely, and friends who like quiet can go up and play in their free time. You can have a panoramic view of the scenery of Liuku City!
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西南胖狗I am preparing to drive to Bingzhongluo by myself. Who knows that I'm exhausted by building roads all the way. But when I came across this "Chinese Tourmaline Museum", it was said that it was only officially opened to the public, and it was actually a private museum. It made up for my sense of loss, but it turned out to be full. I didn't expect to have such a grand gem-themed museum in such a remote place. The owner is a very young local. It is said that he has collected a lot of Nu River tourmalines in his early years with a unique eye. After more than ten years of collection, he opened this museum. I just know that Nujiang still produces such shining gems! ! After reading the exhibits on several floors of the museum, my chin is really going to drop~~~ It is said that the collection is worth one billion yuan. Anyway, I believe it. A few kilograms of that kind of tourmaline carving! ! A few kilos! ! The staff in the museum said that the tourmalines displayed here are all natural without artificial optimization. I think this is very important. If you buy an optimized tourmaline, it will be no different from wearing glass. Jewelry is naturally the most important thing. If you can buy eye-catching treasures, you will be happy.
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映山红1975Very good place to go to the bubble hot springs, the cost-effectiveness is relatively OK, not too far-fetched, good for the body, when you go to Tengchong tour should be able to see, not disappointing
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E59***70I was quite skeptical about this place , but after visiting, I just loved the beauty tucked in hills. I suggest walking the length of the wetlands and walk over the pathway on it! boating could be skipped!