Lutherstadt Wittenberg
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Things To Do in Lutherstadt Wittenberg

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天鹅湖的青蛙He was the founder of the European Reformation 500 years ago and the Wittenberg Church put up a large newspaper against the Pope's Omnibus. The Protestantism he founded is now the mainstream religion in almost all Western countries.
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Famous Residences
M32***23Meilanxitong’s former residence is a great historical attraction, it is recommended to come here to see, there are many historical attractions, this attraction has volunteers here to explain, great style! Simple and elegant architecture ~ a worthwhile trip!
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一米qThe Wittenberg Palace Church, located in the urban area of Wittenberg, is the oldest diocese church in Wittenberg. The church has been destroyed many times and rebuilt many times. Its appearance is still the same as it was in the 15th century. The decoration is very simple.
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sculptorThe no-Worry Palace is a palace in Potsdam near Berlin, built by King Frederick the Great of Prussia as his summer palace. The palace was built between 1745 and 1747 to accommodate King Frederick's need for private residences, allowing him to relax from the pomp and ceremony of the Berlin Court. The name of the palace, translated as "no worries" in french ( sans souci), symbolizes the palace as a place of relaxation, not a place of power.
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Historical Architecture
一米qThe Hunderworse School is located in the north of Wittenberg, also known as the Martin Luther Fitness Center. The school building is very distinctive. The outer wall and roof are covered by dense green plants and the roof is built with a dome that resembles a mosque.
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小思文The snack square is quite a lively place. After sunset in the afternoon, you can see a lot of locals and tourists gathering here. There are also some places to eat near the square, and there are roadside music performances. [Scenery] The surrounding scenery is beautiful [Fun] Quite interesting square