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Things To Do in Mangshi

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阿荣旗班超The first tourist attraction to Mang City is the golden tower, the temple has a long history, I heard that it is also very spiritual, weekend morning people are quite a lot, in the temple overlooking the distance, can see the whole city.
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阿荣旗班超To be honest, this attraction is a bit remote. If you don't take a taxi, you are still very tired when you walk there. I suggest that everyone take a taxi after coming down from Menghuo Park. There are many things inside, very rich, but some are quite common, as a plant, there are still a lot to see, but the animals are gone, you can see the owner's collection is very rich.
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Modern Architecture
阿荣旗班超This attraction is very good, in the temple shiny gold, not many people, very cool, playing the Golden Tower on the mountain, just can go to the Silver Tower to see, tickets are not expensive. Here is a very popular tourist attraction.
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M55***68*** Have fun and fun,
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江湖一秀才Immortal Buddha Cave is so beautiful, I like it too much. Especially the lighting design and natural stalactites in the cave. Gives a feeling of being met and unattainable. The design of the cave is really like a shadow in the fairy world, and the magic of nature is really incredible, so this is my personal experience. I hope you can bring your family, friends, and colleagues to Xianfo Cave to experience the feeling of becoming a fairy
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走遍中国的LSanxian Cave in Mangshi is hidden deep in the mountains. There are few tourists. When I went, the whole scenic spot was me and LP2, but the service in the scenic spot was quite good. I went by car and left a very good impression on me. Tourists who like to explore the loneliness like me and like to go to scenic spots that others don't visit, then Sanxiandong is a good choice.