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Things To Do in Manzhouli

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Cultural Experiencial Area
Echoeygreat place to visit. nice trip. love it. feels great. warm. better to visit in summer.
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Theme Park
M24***57Taowa Square is very good. It is recommended to go early. There are many entertainment facilities in the field. The children (under 1.5 meters) are still cautious in choosing the game project. The main push mirror maze, where is really beautiful. There are circus performances, Western restaurant performances and fountain performances in the scenic area. Best time is 18:00 West Restaurant, 19:30 Circus, 21:00 Fountain.
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Cultural Experiencial Area
JJ77Mammoth Park is like a fairytale world, Russian architecture, Ferris wheel takes you into the dream kingdom! The thing that interests you most is the Russian building, all the tourists take pictures of it, walk over it feels like you are in Russia's Red Square! Beautiful to see!
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Featured Neighborhood
hahagaotieIt is a pedestrian street full of Russian flavours. It is located in the city of Manzhouli, because it is a border city, so it is more vividly displayed in Russian flavour. There are many Russian restaurants, authentic tastes, and can buy souvenirs such as condominiums.
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为爱痴狂qqThe 41st border marker in Manchuria is really busy with the war effort at the border between our country and Russia, the trade port is really a symbol of the friendship between the two peoples, there are really many interesting stories, and the sound is one of the more important promotional ports in the tourist attractions
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City Park
WillSumLocated on the north side of the city, Shangri-La Hotel can be said to have a better environment. Although the area of the lake in the city is not very large, and the surrounding facilities such as the south bank still have some amusement facilities, this kind of friendly environment still has local characteristics.